Saturday, May 12, 2012

japanese bleeding from the eyes...,

fukushimadiary | My eye started bleeding all of a sudden yesterday. It was my first time to get on an ambulance. They say the blood vessel of eyelid was cut. thought I was going to lose my eye sight. so scary. The reason is not known.(Tokyo)

Bleeding from eyes. didn’t do anything, why ?! (From Ishinomaki city Miyagi = Disaster area.)


Ed Dunn said...

A lot of my friends over there are stressed out and have anxiety. It is a feeling of lost of control and watching the whole world around you start crashing down. Then you got the eerie feeling of radiation. There was a recent news story out in Japan where some supplier secretly switched and relabeled vegetables from Fukishima pretending they came from a safer area.

CNu said...

That eerie feeling of radiation has got to be a doozie with so many living things expressing symptoms of genetic malfunction.  So there's a background "ambience" combining the worst aspects of standing too close to an old fashioned microwave oven, and old-fashioned x-ray machine and something approaching handling and ingesting small quantities of mercury - that's enough to make a whole lot of people go insane.