Friday, May 11, 2012

us-japan backing philippines and vietnam against china

globalresearch | External forces' intervention in the South China Sea disputes has gradually become a reality despite China's opposition against the externalization of the disputes. Last week, the US and Japan reached a new agreement on the joint use of the US military bases in the Pacific region.

According to media reports, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are expected to station forces alongside US troops in the Philippines. Once Manila approves, Japan, the US and the Philippines will conduct specific military training together in Philippine bases.

In recent years, countries like Vietnam and the Philippines have gained huge economic interests through developing gas and oil resources in the South China Sea region.

Driven by economic ambitions, they chase further expansion in the South China Sea, which intensifies the territorial disputes around the region. They see moving closer to Japan and the US as their strategy to prevent China seeking its legal rights over the South China Sea.

This provides favorable conditions and timing for Japan and the US to get involved in the South China Sea disputes.

In the process of refocusing its strategic attention to the Asia-Pacific region, Southeast Asia is an important US focus. For the last two years, the US has been increasing its strategic input in Southeast Asia.

Militarily, the US is seeking permanent stations in some military bases in this region. It has requested to return to the Subic Bay military base in the Philippines and to send its most advanced littoral combat ships there.

The US has also intensified military drills with different countries in the regions and waters around China. Though those drills are not all targeted at China, some are indeed aimed at deterring China and increasing US popularity in Asia.

Unlike the US, Japan acts quite subtly in intervening in the South China Sea disputes. But Japan lifted its restrictive policies on arms exports after Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda took office. In essence this is a preparation to support countries involved in the South China Sea disputes by exporting weapons to them.

Besides, Japan also plans to supply patrol vessels to the Philippines and assist the country in training its coast guards.

These moves show that Japan is extending its military reach in the South China Sea, and the trend will further continue. A messy South China Sea situation is in Japan's interests. As the disputes between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands have intensified recently, Japan hopes confrontations with China in the South China Sea could distract China's attention.

The external intervention in the South China Sea dispute complicates the regional dynamics. As the US and Japan are backing them, countries like the Philippines and Vietnam become more and more arrogant and constantly provoke China in the South China Sea, including illegally detaining Chinese fishermen.


Denzel Wright said...

This century will be very entertaining

CNu said...

Welcome to the spot D.

Gee Chee Vision said...

 CNu, where is that posting about the relationship between law enforcement and Japanese citizens?

Gee Chee Vision said...

 I asked because I was reading an interview UBM had with Ice Cube. The ending brought your link to mind.

CNu said...

lol, dayyum brah....., you do the deepest crate excavation OF ALL TIME just to make a dope cut.  MUCH appreciated!

Gee Chee Vision said...

lol..."crate excavation"

iammyrs said...

Philippine invaders before are trying to help us now:) so sweet HAHA

CNu said...

 oh no..., they're only lining up around your strategically useful location and your food and energy supplies, much in the way competing packs of wolves circle around to "help" a flock of sheep.

nats said...

another Chinese reality it is the chinese who are squatters...they have vast land area but they are too greedy to want more...

pollo castrano said...

wrong use of word. vietnam and the philippines never been arrogant toward its neighbors. in fact, its never been imagine in the entire history of the philippines that we come like these to prepare external arm conflict with its neighbor after worldwar2. in fact philippines is not yet equipt well due to absent of eternal threat. We never expect china, will become like that.. There are many chinese immigrants in the philippines, some of them are christian and catholic.

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