Friday, March 16, 2012

mission: mind control

Broadcast by ABC in 1979, this documentary examines our government's (then) 30 year human experimentation for mind control. This is a great investigative report of the mind control efforts from the past and it should make you wonder how our Congress could have dropped the ball in letting this go on after 1977. You won't see this much truth from the mainstream media today.

Fair use reporting.

Now it's 60 + years since the experiments started, mind control has grown much larger & sophisticated with technological advances worse than anything that Orwell ever dreamed of. This video is about how it was back in 1979 after only 30 years of experiments.


Gee Chee Vision said...

I remember in the early 90s hanging out after school listening to my friend's uncle who was from the old school Nation. He didn't like Farrakhan. He would speak of all of this crazy happenings with the government and technology from mind control to spying. After he'd finish we would sit there disturbed with our mouths dropped thinking how things are just hopeless.

Then he'd crush any glimmer of hope ending his diatribe with the phrase, "...AND THAT WAS IN THE 70S!"

CNu said...

Bro. - you done said a mouthful!!!

I have a question for you, but first a little background. I'm going to borrow a pair of metaphors (hacker/script-kiddies) from my profession and the profession (if you can call it that) which informs an overwhelmingly great deal of my world view - please bear with me. 

As you may have noticed in the media,

Much is made ado of the extent to which these Interwebs have become a global battleground. Rest assured, there is some truth to that. However, the underlying reality is always quite a bit different from the sensationalized media depictions.  How so?

To the hear the media tell it, the chinese military has an entire division of warrior monk ascetic uber hackers doing the Chairman's dirty work on a global scale. The reality is a little bit different from that

Oh yeah, I forgot - in addition to media sensationalism, there's also the pervasive influence of commercial sensationalism on the part of companies clamoring to sell you a solution

Most of the observable activity is the "work" of poorly skilled script kiddies running tools and making a bit of low-level mischief. Once you weed out the media and the commercial noise, the actual uber hacker signal is really pretty rare and scarce, and, frankly, not that many technically gifted "explorers" know how to set up viable financial transactions or operate control systems, or etc., etc., etc., - so there are definite limits to the real world damage that these folks are capable of inflicting.Hopefully you've hung in there with me to the kwestin GCV.

In the realm of genuine "mind control" - how many uber hackers do you actually believe there are, and how many script kiddies?

A human mind is a far sight more complicated machine to hack than a computer, though folks have had a lot more time and practice working with/on it.

If psychological uber hackers exist, where would you expect to find them? Do you think they're organized, and that they enjoy continuity over time?

Gee Chee Vision said...

My question is, did the radical atmosphere play a big part in the media's flexibility i.e. the excuse being that it's business and they were  serving a demographic, or is it just that certain elements hadn't worked up the power to completely control all information outlets?

CNu said...

Now I see where you're coming from magne. The expose above is an artifact of and fallout from Watergate.

Nixon's enemies list exposed the extent to which the apparatus of state can and was being used against members of the elite establishment, consequently, the apparatus of state got a most thorough airing out - and - subsequent political organizing and ideology (particularly from the right/elite) has clamored to permanently ham-string and closely limit the capabilities of the apparatus of state.

Gee Chee Vision said...

Actually I didn't see this reply when I made my second comment. I did reply on

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