Thursday, May 20, 2010

the sun is not what we think...,

Video - SDO

Organelle | One thing we might immediately notice is this: without visible Light, our species would probably never have become symbolically cognitive. What this means is that the relationship between light and our cognition is far more fundamental and charactered than our common models allow for. If we remove all the abstract ideas about light, all the science and religion and philosophy... for a moment of real exploration, we find that Light is a transport. And organismal reality arises in, and thrives due to the local consistent presence of this transport.

The very idea of a symbol was born in light.

And it is far less a ‘thing’ than it is ‘a generative momentum of sentience’. This makes it alive, and alive in a sense that transcends our ways of knowing, and their little toys of relation — entirely.

The Sun is the source of those beings who assemble knowledge from form, and the more their method of assembly is alike with their source...the faster and more miraculously they ‘work’.

We need to repair our metaphors of ‘what the Sun is’, as a species.

Not with science, or a new system or expert — with experiential contact.