Thursday, May 13, 2010

the immune system controls everything?

Video - leptin rewires neurons that control satiety

Neurological Correlates | Now take leptin, and preferably take it for a coupleahundredmil or so, that’s about how much money had been thrown at that molecule trying to figure out if it was a drug. Leptin is one of those molecules that has had hundreds of zillions of dollars thrown at it in hopes that it could be a miracle drug. It never was. It made genetically leptin-deficient mice skinny. A new company is running the clinical trials taking a combination approach, and the reports are good so far.

Leptin, though, is a four helical bundle and very cytokine-like. (E.g., here).And, cytokines live and work in the immune system.

So, being the anti-Occam, our new theory is that the immune system controls everything, and therefore it must simply be aliens that have taken over our bodies and are instructing us to carry out their will. Maybe not the most parsimonious explanation, but still.