Monday, May 24, 2010

gut intelligence

Video - humorous probiotic propaganda.

organelle | Just as the diversity of commensal microbiota and other conditions of intra-cellular, organ and metabolic health dramatically affect both our mental function and our immune system, our planet has similar features and capacities which until very recently depended upon extant biodiversity for their robust protective, relational, nutritive and prophylactic activity.

The shocking and incredibly sudden damage we have inflicted upon biospheric diversity (primarily at the scale of animals and ecosystems) has severely impacted planetary health and healing, creating in effect a exploding crisis in which protections which have long been active have suddenly and egregiously disappeared. The biodiversity we’ve erased previously acted as shock-absorbers, communications and intelligence assets, and an immunity system.

We should pause to note that Earth’s experience of time differs dramatically from our own, and to her only some few heartbeats have passed, while for us it has been 500 years. Effectively, she is in shock, and her temperature will fluctuate wildly, her inner clock has gone haywire, and she shall certainly shiver, shake and bleed. Her heartbeat, metabolic status and ‘blood pressure’ are also fluctuating wildly.

The results of these events are feeding back into every species on the planet — since we are not ‘part’ of Earth, but instead living instances of Earth. This then feeds back into the planet, and the resultant reflexive cycle creates a recursively expanding nightmare with terrifying consequences including but not limited to ‘auto-immune’ disorder on a planetary scale. This means simply ‘the elements of her body will attack each other, failing to recognize itself as self’ —just as we have done to the other species of the world.

The biodiversity which required millenia to establish cannot be ‘healed’ — it is gone and there is no ‘pill’ or ‘therapy’ that can replace it. In fact, if history is any measure, what will happen once the various nations realize what they are up against is the wholesale erasure of the remaining resources in the hope of stockpiling survival assets for specific groups of people and nations. A part of this activity is sure to include another infamous facet of human capacity: the wartime ‘denial of assets to the enemy’ move which stipulates that assets one cannot acquire for themselves or allies be destroyed or poisoned so that others cannot use them against you. This is not the future I am speaking of, but the present.

Could it be that as we annihilated the anciently conserved commensal bacterial symbionts in our own guts with antibiotics and other toxins, we set ourselves up to become omnicidal maniacs who could no longer recognize ourselves in the eyes and bodies of the creatures and ecosystems that comprise our most ancient and treasured symbionts?

Unfortunately, we shall now we shall see firsthand what ‘multiple sudden opportunistic infections’ look like at the scale of a world, rather than that of a person, or a people.