Friday, March 19, 2010

uh oh - pitchfork event on the horizon

ComradeSimba | This one really bothers me. I mean reeeeally bothers me. I have stated in the past that he who swabs me (or is holding the gun for the swabber) dies. Sort of my pitchfork take to the streets line in the sand.

Now I’m not knee-jerk for or against the present administration – I fully understand that our gov’t has gotten powerful enough to wield whatever power it feels like implementing so – fair warning – I will delete any comment that points a finger at Obama or any specific individual. This isn’t politics, it’s Endgame and I’m not waving flags or burning flags, I’m simply saying my rubicon has been crossed if “law enforcement” can use any excuse to arrest, and therefore gain a personal DNA sample from me.

What it means is that I enter into a purely defensive posture. I’m not the fool that is going to try to make a difference, or make a statement by doing some headline grabbing antic. To become invisible, unremarkable and unknown sounds like the best course of action available. I don’t get drunk and rowdy in bars so the only foreseeable reason for an arrest would be a less than boot licking attitude towards the cop who stops me for long hair dead taillight, leading to the all purpose “obstruction” charge and out comes the Q-tip. And it’s all about avoiding the Q-tip, so “yassa officer” would be the order of the day if the red lights come on behind me. I can seeth all I want to inside at all the injustice of the world and feel like apiece of shit suck-ass – pansy extraordinaire , but I get to go home where my family is rather than Sing-Sing for being a cop killer.

Wanna know the truth? I’ll move my line further back. Swabbie gets to live if I get Q-tipped. But inside my last shred of concern or care for what little social involvement I still have will just have to r.i.p. The blogs goes, I’ll drop the community group thing, cancel the remaining credit card, cease commercial activity, and lock down into growing food all over the woods, talking to the animals and generally become one with the forest. If our human society isn’t fit to live in well, I’ll just be done with the whole enterprise. Fist tap Dale.


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