Monday, March 08, 2010

the preparation party

Foundation | The United States of America will soon disintegrate, just as the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia in recent times, and countless nations and empires before them. The most that will remain of the present US is ethnically coherent fragments, as described in Joel Garreau’s book, The Nine Nations of North America (Avon Books / Houghton Mifflin, 1981). The goal of the Preparation Party is to prepare for that development, and promote the likelihood that a fragment will survive. The ultimate purpose of promoting this survival is to promote the establishment of a long-term-survivable planetary management system.

The US will soon collapse for two reasons: (1) The world is passing the peak of Hubbert’s Curve (the point at which half of all of the world’s commercially recoverable oil has been extracted), and global oil consumption will now decline, bringing an end to large-scale, global industrial / economic activity, a decline of human population to pre-petroleum levels, and the breakup of all large, ethnically diverse, energy-dependent countries; and (2) The US is such a country. Of the world’s present nations, Russia will likely dominate the post-industrial world for a time, because it is relatively ethnically compact, politically determined, and possesses a large amount of fossil fuel.


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