Sunday, September 28, 2008

The People Will Demand Blood.....,

We humbly yield the floor to the Hypertiger who now spells out what will next transpire.

First the bailout
Momentary appearance of economic reprieve
An act of war
Bailout appears to be subverted
World War III begins in earnest.
War is great cover for the collapse of the global trade system...Sorry people we must accept these austerity measures...

maybe they need the 700 billion to put the finishing touches on the scapegoat...

It's like this...spread some money around which will cause a very short term prosperity fooling people into thinking the bailout worked and that the economy is onto the road to recovery...then all you need to do is cause the war before the prosperity ends...

Then say dang...everything was going great...but then (Insert name of culprit here) caused (insert incident) and the economy is imploding...and we have to institute all these austerity measuries...what a rip...

The population will fall for it and demand blood...basically a replay of the solution to the 1929-1933 collapse of the global trade system.
I've not previously encountered a more neat, reat, and complete tying up of all the prevailing political and economic narratives. Not only do we have the historical precedent upon which to draw, but also all the world's pressing problems that can be resolved by only one means currently and clearly at TPTB's disposal.