Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gas shortage may crimp weekend fun

The Atlanta Journal Constitution:
With all that’s going on this weekend within what ordinarily would be easy driving range, Georgia’s gas shortage could complicate many people’s plans.

The University of Georgia home game against Top-10 rival Alabama. The 20th anniversary of the Atlanta Football Classic. The North Georgia State Fair in Marietta. The PGA Tour Championship. Auburn at home versus Tennessee.

These are just a few of the major events within a day’s drive of metro Atlanta planned for today through Sunday. But with North Georgia gas supplies spotty, will everyone be able to get where they’re going?

The gas shortage extends beyond the metro area, but has hit hardest in Atlanta, Nashville, Tenn., and the Carolinas, including the Charlotte area and the mountain towns to the west. For days it has closed civic offices, cut short workdays and even canceled community college classes.

The result is that many who initially intended to visit Atlanta this weekend have changed their plans.

“I didn’t want to come down there and be dealing with the same problems in an area I’m not that familiar with,” said Spencer Rawlings, a Nashville resident who regularly makes the four-hour drive for the Atlanta Football Classic.

“In Atlanta on a weekend like this, you’ll be sitting around in traffic, only burning up gas. I’ll eat the cost of my ticket.”
Dopamine and lack of gasoline can't, don't, and won't mix....,