Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fish Wrapped in Paper is Sexist Too....,

In this morning's edition of Crappy Hour, Megan Carpentier joked:
Anyway, what I want to know is how come since Obama's next line was about stinky rotten fish, no former female Massachusetts governor is calling out Obama for making inappropriate comments about the smell of Sarah Palin's vagina? Huh, Jane Swift? Did you miss that? Because I really think commenting on vaginal odor is, like, totally worse than saying she looks pig-like, not that he said that either but if this is taking-fake-offense day, that's the fake offense I'm taking.
When I read this earlier, I thought to myself, "Ha ha! Good one, Megan! That would indeed be THE STUPIDEST THING IN THE WORLD." But I'm not laughing anymore! Because "fish in a wrapper" is precisely the fake offense the McCain camp is faking being offended by now! Marsha Blackburn, in the course of going on MSNBC and making not a lick of sense at all, took up the very line of attack that Megan was satirizing, telling Tamron Hall:
BLACKBURN: It's what women of America are beginning to see. Because Senator Obama had the choice of Senator Clinton or Governor Sebelius to go in the number two spot on that ticket. He passed over them. The comments he made last night. He followed the lipstick on a pig comment with talking about old fish wrapped in paper. Senator Obama is a smart man. And he is very highly educated. And I think that it was unfortunate. He knew what he was speaking, the words he was speaking.
Yes, that's Marsha Blackburn, attempting to make something serious out of a point that Megan Carpentier satirized, mere hours before. Jason Linkins advocating for increasing retaliatory craziness from the Obama campaign in the Huffington Post.