Saturday, June 15, 2024

Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes - Whatever They're Telling You About Biden Is Disinformation  |  "He was wandering around, he sort of wandered off and Giorgia Meloni, the Italian premier had to sort of guide him back to the crowd. It was quite painful viewing.

"Everyone's putting a slight brave face on it this morning. We've got some more for that for the paper tomorrow. But you can see from that footage yourself, can't you?

"This is getting embarrassing now. It makes you really wonder how President Biden is going to be able to run an election campaign in October and November for re election and if that is a man who really thinks he's going to get through the next four years?"

It comes as earlier this week, Biden appeared to freeze again for a moment during a Juneteenth celebration at the White House.

He looked static at the event - sparking further concern just months before the presidential election.

The Democrat's term has been plagued with gaffes and blunders.

He has fallen up the stairs of Air Force One and has stumbled on countless occasions.

Last year, Biden took a tumble at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony.

In February, Biden confused the leaders of Mexico and Egypt while delivering a rambling address to the nation after it emerged he wouldn't face criminal charges over storing secret docs.

Last week, Biden seemed to fumble for his seat while on stage with the Macrons and his wife, Jill, at a D-Day event - but there was no chair behind him.

Questions continue to swirl over Biden's health and competency for office - just months before Americans go to the polls.

And polling suggests Biden's re-election bid could be tricky.

This week's G7 meeting was also shrouded in controversy after Putin vowed an "extremely painful" reaction to a deal made at the event to raise $50billion for Ukraine.

The Kremlin dubbed the deal "cynical and criminal" after hearing the money will be raised using frozen Russian central bank assets.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke with the leaders before the viral clip asking for the "historic" loan to keep Putin's soldiers from breaking through the frontlines.



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