Thursday, March 09, 2023

When The Hospital Wants You Gone: Unsolved Problems Are Simply Eliminated

knoxnews |  The Knoxville Police Department on Feb. 23 released video recordings of the arrest of a 60-year old woman who collapsed while she was being taken to jail and later died, and said the investigation into how officers handled the incident will continue.

Community reaction to the videos was swift: Nearly 400 comments, the majority critical of how officers handled the situation, appeared within hours on the department's Facebook post of a compilation showing excerpts from various police cameras.

Lisa Edwards, 60, was arrested Feb. 5 outside Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center, where she had been treated earlier. Hospital security called police when Edwards declined to move off the property after she was discharged.

Here's what Knox News knows about Edwards' arrest, her death and the ongoing police investigation.

'This shouldn’t happen': Family of woman who collapsed in KPD custody plans to sue

What did the body camera footage show?

A police video compilation from the Feb. 5 arrest shows how officers arrested her and what happened after she lost consciousness in the car. The compilation includes excerpts from body-camera footage of the initial interaction with Edwards, body camera footage of officers taking her into custody, and in-car camera footage from the time she was placed into the back of a cruiser.

Sgt. Brandon Wardlaw, officer Adam Barnett, officer Timothy Distasio and transportation officer Danny Dugan are shown in the video compilation. All four are on paid leave during the internal affairs investigation.

Body cam footage shows the first KPD officer arrived just before 8 a.m., about an hour after Edwards was discharged from the hospital. Edwards told the officer she had a stroke and couldn’t walk, but he responds by telling her the hospital wants her gone.




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