Friday, March 10, 2023

Is There A Psy-Op Underway To Turn American Sentiment Against Mexico?

CTH  |  Shellenberger, appears on Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss how in the big picture the U.S. government is conducting psychological warfare against domestic citizens through the auspices of Twitter and likely other social media platforms. He’s not wrong, we’ve been calling it out in real time.

Semi-related.  You might remember for several months CTH has been outlining the state of the issues between the United States and Mexico regarding energy policy.  Within the dynamic I have said repeatedly to “watch Mexico” through the prism of: what would the USIC, specifically in this instance the CIA, do to turn American sentiment against Mexico?

Remember me repeatedly saying that?  Within those questions, and from that baseline, you will discover why I have not been writing about a Mexican cartel kidnapping four American hostages, killing two.

CCTV video drives home the point of danger in Mexico.

Yes, Mexico is dangerous.  Yes, drug cartels run a great deal of Mexico including significant control of the Mexican government, military and police.  Yes, the cartels are bad people, and they commit horrible atrocities.

Yes, this well-known history of violence also provides a convenient cover for a U.S. intel operation…. if the U.S. government (CIA) was so inclined.

Unfortunately, in the current state of U.S. politics, one cannot rule out completely the latest story of Mexican kidnapping as a possible U.S. intelligence operation.

Would the U.S. government do, participate in, or stimulate to an outcome, something that horrific just because they were positioning an anti-Mexico narrative as a baseline for U.S. policy toward the Mexican government?

The well publicized CCTV video of the event certainly helped drive a point home.  Can you rule out the CIA involvement?

Making tinfoil matters worse, I previously emphasized, “The U.S. and Canada are going to push every possible political pressure point in order to force Mexico to change energy policy.  The stakes are high. It is going to be remarkable to watch what happens as this battle takes place. Watch Mexico in 2023.” {LINK}  A few weeks later, with more data assembled, I added, “I’m not talking about little threats, or ordinary economic pressure points; watch closely how the U.S threats are established.  The ideologues around Joe Biden will seek to destroy AMLO if he does not go along with the energy change effort. {LINK}

Within these psychological operations, one must always assess exactly where our feeling of outrage is coming from.



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