Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Speaking Of Fools' Errands And Taking Membership Fees From Pissants....,

dailymail  |  Black reporter LOCKED OUT of Twitter for criticizing BLM founder's $1.4 million home purchase blasts big tech for making movement a 'sacred cow despite its financial grift'

  • Patrisse Cullors, 37, has bought an expansive property in Topanga Canyon
  • The district in which the BLM founder will now live is 88% white and 1.8% black
  • Critics accused her of abandoning her social justice and activist roots
  • Sports journalist Jason Whitlock was among those remarking on her purchase
  • Twitter on Friday locked him out of his account in response to his tweet
  • Whitlock told DailyMail.com he remains blocked by the social media network
  • Twitter is demanding he delete his tweet linking to a celebrity real estate blog
  • Whitlock says he remains 'in Twitter jail, because I won't post bail' 
  • The action is the latest draconian step in censorship by the Silicon Valley firm