Friday, April 16, 2021

Politics Restructured So Corporations CanTreat Citizens As Natural Resources To Be Used For Profit

TCH |  The people behind the JoeBama administration do not need to step on the hot-button issue of ‘vaccine passports’ because they already have ideological allies working on the issue.  Remember that phone call with 100 multinational corporations a few days ago?  Why would a Marxist government need to engage in an issue highly charged with politics, when they can just farm-out the same outcome to their Marxist corporate allies?

Hopefully people can see what is happening here.

There are trillions at stake.  Those trillions need to engage in control mechanisms to retain their position.  The multinational corporations know how financially lucrative COVID compliance is.  Those same multinationals are setting up the parameters for control in the exact same manner the U.S. government would.  The ideological multinationals and the ideological JoeBama administration are working in concert.

Multinationals do not like capitalism because within the process of capitalism they do not have control over the financial outcomes.  Capitalism breeds competition; multinationals abhor competition, they are totalitarian in ideology and want the entire pie under their control.  Multinational corporations do not like capitalism; underline it, emphasize it, do not forget it.

Capitalism is based on the principles of a free market.  Multinationals do not want a free market, they want a controlled market.  Their efforts toward a vaccine passport are an example of yet another control they can manipulate for maximum financial benefit.  It really is that simple…..

…. Meanwhile the crew of totalitarians behind JoeBama know they can benefit from their corporate allies.  The multinationals will pay the politicians for control and the politicians will construct defensive legislative outcomes that protect the multinationals.  That is what is happening in exponentially increasing sunlight.

Unfortunately the multinationals are also the funding mechanism for the UniParty.  Democrats and Republicans both benefit from the financial process of payments by the multinationals for control of legislative outcomes.   This is the entire purpose of K-Street.   In third-world countries we call bribery of elected officials “corruption”; however, in the United States we call bribery of elected officials “lobbying”, the process is exactly the same.

In a slightly nuanced outline of the same type of Government and Multinational merging, Glenn Greenwald has a solid article explaining why and how the corporate world is using “false wokeness” as a tool for expanded financial benefit.