Monday, April 18, 2011

the power of faith is what'll drive man back to the abiotic reservoirs...,

Video - Peak Oil myth scientifically disproved (there is no oil shortage)

In response to some viewer critiques, this updated video takes a purely scientific approach to the Peak Oil myth. It exposes the eco-zealot conspiracy to deny big-bore engines to working Americans and tax them into smaller cars and homes.

If the Peak Oil doomsayers aren't stopped, economic growth may end by 2024, halting Man's productive use of nature and putting millions out of work. Americans will be forced to live "sustainably" in cedar bark huts, eating "locally grown" rhubarbs and pine nuts. The whole hippie agenda seeks to take away our pride.

Help stop this creeping socialism by spreading the word about this educational video and demanding that Congress investigate abiotic oil. Never vote for RINO Roscoe Bartlett if he runs for President, and don't believe Barack Hussein Obama when he claims that America only has 2% of the world's oil. Think independently and The Truth will come to you.


nanakwame said...

William N. Lipscomb Jr., a Harvard chemistry professor who won a Nobel Prize in 1976 for his research on the structure of molecules and on chemical bonding, died on Thursday in Cambridge, Mass. He was 91.

ken said...

I wish this guy would do a video on how fossils at its lowest point at 16000 feet get to 35000 feet in large enough quantities to produce oil in the tune of thousands of 42 gallon barrels of oil a day.

umbrarchist said...

Well shit!

If it has never been DISPROVEN then it MUST BE TRUE!!!!

JEEZ, some stuff is just too DUMB to roll on the floor laughing about.

Of course if there is no Peak Oil then we can keep pumping CO2 into the atmosphere FOREVER. YAY!!!

CNu said...

Adapt or die is an utterly terrifying prospect for some folks...,

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