Monday, April 18, 2011

hole in the head: a life revealed

Video - Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed

Vertus Hardiman hid a shocking secret under a wig & beanie for over 80 years. He was experimented on at age of 5 by a county hospital in Indiana during 1927. Vertus was one of ten children, all experimented on with radiation that day. Fist tap Bro. Makheru.


Makheru Bradley said...

I understand the message that the brother is trying to portray and I'm deeply appreciative of his work to give national attention to yet another "Tuskegee-type" experiment. Dr. Smith says that the film is "not an indictment of inhumane government-sanctioned medical experimentation," but the perpetrators of these crimes should be indicted.They convened three grand juries to indict Barry Bonds who ultimately harmed no one but himself. The victims of these heinous crimes deserve some form of justice, same as the victims of the Tuskegee Experiment.

Hopefully some conscious lawyers are working on this.

JoPaLe said...

As someone who has received numerous doses of Whole Brain radiation for specific medical treatment, this story has a special resonance for me. It is tragic yet inspiring. The full story needs to be portrayed accurately and in detail.
It is tempting but misleading to include this in the same category as the Tuskegee project. On both scale and number of persons affected, as well as the perpetrators source of funding, there are vast differences.

CNu said...

 Are we to take your word for the notion that this is unrelated to the Tuskegee project, or, do you have evidence to offer?

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