Wednesday, February 09, 2011

house rejects extension of patriot act provisions

Video - Dennis Kucinich opens debate on Patriot Act Renewal

Warisacrime | Kucinich, of whom Congressman John Conyers said “no one has worked on this issue more closely,” cited our Constitutional experience and our need for Constitutional protections.

“We are all patriots here and we all want America to be protected but we have to remember our Constitutional experience … We didn’t hear ‘give me liberty or give me a wiretap.’ We didn’t hear ‘don’t tread on me… but its okay to spy.’ What we heard was a ringing declaration for freedom. And it was enshrined in our Constitution,” declared Kucinich.

Kucinich continued by criticizing abuses of the intent of the PATRIOT Act, saying that government can “reach into financial records, medical records and our reading materials. What is happening to our country? Why are we giving up our basic liberties? We need to take a stand here and this is as good a day as any to take a stand.

“Many Members of Congress, including those supported by my friends in the Tea Party, maintain their goal is to get rid of big government, to get the government out of their lives. … Some want to get government out of health care, some want to get government out of retirement security. How about getting government out of people’s bedrooms? Out of people’s financial records and people’s medical records? Vote no,” said Kucinich.

Provisions which had been set to expire include Section 206, known as the “John Doe Wiretap.” It allows the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to obtain an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) to wiretap a target without having to specify the target or the device.

The second provision, Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act, known as the “Business Records” provision allows the FBI to order any person or business to turn over “any tangible things” as long as it specifies it is for “an authorized investigation.” Orders executed under Section 215 constitute a serious violation of Fourth and First Amendment rights by allowing the government to demand access to records often associated with the exercise of First Amendment rights, such as library records or medical records.

The third provision, Section 6001, known as the “Lone Wolf” surveillance provision is contained in the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 authorizes the government to conduct investigations of non-U.S. individuals not connected to a foreign power or terrorist group. It effectively allows the government to circumvent the standards that are required to obtain electronic surveillance orders from criminal courts.
Video - House rejects extension of Patriot Act provisions.


nanakwame said...

Well someone got a pair of balls to do what the Congress should have been doing, and use the rhetoric of the Tea Party. Bravo

CNu said...

They keep it up like this, I'ma have to stop calling them teabaggers...,

ken said...

If this article has the facts straight, why would we want to keep national security agents from having the same tools domestic law enforcement has?

nanakwame said...

Not clear but I would read The Art of War, and the GOP and Tea Party differences will grow. They just lost another House Rep, who couldn't keep his brain still, the one between his legs. And it is not the convention yet, augment the events the Doc has place here. We couldn't create a better sims. imho is the Tea Party or spin offs the social-fascist motion?

CNu said...

Nana, though many of the racists have found lodging in that camp, and, though fascism is an inherently racist political philosophy and system of governance, I am not convinced that the American version of fascism will be anything other than the capitalist political philosophy and approach articulated as the Truman Doctrine.

I believe that American fascism will be monocultural but multi-racial. My $.02 on this question that nobody much seems willing to answer.

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