Saturday, November 06, 2010

sapolsky on religion

Video - Part 1 of Dr. Robert Sapolsky's fascinating assessment of western irrationality.

Video - Part 2 of Dr. Robert Sapolsky's lecture on western irrationality.

Other important points made by Professor Sapolsky on the fact that religion is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Obviously it must be installed in the human mind, since not only religion is an OCD, but an addiction for many other people. Notice how many people are on drugs, alcohol, and they come clean thanks to religion, why? Because they substituted one addiction, for another.
Interesting also the point he makes, the top four religious prescriptions are the same as the top 4 OCDs:

1.cleansing of the body preparation
3.entering and leaving religious places

It would be interesting also to study human beings with hippocampus damage, to see if they are more superstitious, and consequently more easily enslaved by the lies invented by religions. Lets hope Christians never read neurology books, otherwise it could be the start of the next inquisition!


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