Sunday, November 28, 2010

Consciousness--Sir Roger Penrose Invites You to Publish in the Journal of Cosmology

Is consciousness an epiphenomenal happenstance of this particular universe? Or does the very concept of a universe depend upon its presence? Does consciousness merely perceive reality, or does reality depend upon it? Did consciousness simply emerge as an effect of evolution? Or was it, in some sense, always "out there" in the world?

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that Sir Roger Penrose of the University of Oxford, and Dr. Stuart Hameroff of the University of Arizona, will be serving as Executive Editors of the April 2011 edition of the online, open access, Journal of Cosmology, the theme of which is "Consciousness in the Universe."

Dr. Penrose shared the "Wolf Prize" in physics with Stephen Hawking, and is renowned world-wide for his work in general relativity, quantum mechanics, geometry and consciousness. He is the author of many important papers and books including The Emperors New Mind, Shadows of the Mind, The Road to Reality, and his latest Cycles of Time, which proposes serial universes.

Dr Stuart Hameroff, of the University of Arizona, is an anesthesiologist, consciousness researcher and organizer of the conference series Toward a Science of Consciousness.

Drs. Penrose and Hameroff invite you to submit a scientific article, up to 3,000 words in length, in this special issue. Articles will be peer reviewed and must be received by March 1, 2011.

Reviews, speculation, theory, or research findings related to the following
themes are invited:

1) Evolution and origin of consciousness
2) Consciousness and quantum measurement
3) Brain, biology and consciousness
4) Altered states, dreams and near-death experiences
5) Free will, causality, determinism, and time-symmetric physics
6) The role of quantum information, entanglement, and non-locality
7) The 'anthropic principle' in speculative and fundamental physics
8) Consciousness and reality in Eastern and Western philosophy
9) Consciousness in sexual reproduction as an evolutionary drive
10) Non-human consciousness

All articles will be peer reviewed and must be written for a broad range of
scientists who are not experts in your field. Please see the Journal of
Cosmology for manuscript specifications.

All processing and publication fees are waved for this special edition.

All articles will be published online within days of acceptance, and also bound in a hardback book edition, edited by Dr. Penrose and Dr. Hameroff, and published by Cosmology Science Publishers.

The Journal of Cosmology is also proud to sponsor the conference:

Toward A Science of Consciousness
Brain, Mind and Reality
Aula Magna Hall
Stockholm, Sweden, May 2-8, 2011

"Consciousness in the Universe" will be a featured conference theme, including a Keynote talk by Sir Roger Penrose, along with plenary and concurrent sessions on the topic.

In addition to a paper for the Journal of Cosmology special edition, you are also invited to attend and submit an abstract related to Consciousness in the Universe for the Stockholm conference. Abstracts must be submitted by December 31, 2010.

JOC is free, online, open access, and averages over 500,000 Hits a month. The
October edition featured 50 articles written by over 120 top scientists and 4
astronauts (two who walked on the Moon). Dozens of news articles have appeared about articles in JOC, including in the Los Angeles Times, Wired, Discovery News, MSNBC, Associated Press, ABC TV, etc.

JOC is abstracted by NASA Astrophysical Data Systema, Google Scholar, Open J-Gate, Polymer Library, ProQuest, ResearchGATE, adsabs.Harvard...

This is an excellent opportunity to present your work to a large community of scientists in a new and exciting field, and publish in the prestigious Penrose-Hameroff edition "Consciousness in the Universe". As an invited paper, there are no processing or publication charges.

Coauthors are welcome and you may share this invitation with your colleagues.

Rudy Schild, Ph.D.
Center for Astrophysics, Harvard-Smithsonian
Journal of Cosmology


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