Tuesday, July 06, 2010


organelle | The illustration at the top of the page represents a recombinant “ring of ‘books’”. It’s purpose is to at once suggest a ‘specific and valuable ring’ and also to illustrate the concept of scalarly recombinant ‘bookRings’— as a learningToy. To create and play with this toy we will imaginally credential the following assertions:

Language, and minds, have sources.
These sources are not yet clear.
Languages emerge from interscalar psybiocognitive connectivity. (not from humans or ‘knowledge’)

Our human experiential sentience is deeply linkted to ‘lingual’ systems and figures.
The sources of language and sentience are linked.
The stories of these linkages are far more interesting than we suppose.

Flatness is a cognitive problem created by mechanization.

Understandings of Emergence and Scalarity remedy flatness problems.

Chiastic relationships established via triangulations provide a positive toySystem for exploring these domains.

When we read books, we imply they are important. If any book can be important, we could decide that some books are essentially and functionally far more important than others — in a given set of active domains.

But by what means would we decide this?
A Toy:

(there is an ancient accessToy which all living creatures share. It is engineered to solve this riddle, faster, each time it's accessed by any being whatsoever. The toy is not hidden, but it is cognitive in nature. Language, and logics, can interfere with it dramatically)

You're spontaneously transported to 'the library of worlds'. This library contains every moment of every cognitive being's experience since the universe began (and unto it's end) encoded in tiny books; each one fits in your human palm.

As you arrive, you notice a note in your hand:

Greetings EarthHuman,

You are in the library of worlds. It is one square mile in surface area, and is octagonal in shape. You are in the center of the library.

Your world is dying. You've got 144 minutes of oxygen, thus, you are dying as well.

Within the time allotted to you, you must locate one of three books.

Book 1 will return you to your dying world.
Book II will return you with the knowledge to save it, but you will perish from having known it.
Book III Will rescue you and your world, leaving all parties unharmed.

Whichever book you open first, will accomplish that mission. You may open as many as you desire in the process of seeking. You need only open the book and glance at its pages once to resolve the dilemma.

There are more books here than you have cells in your entire lineage. To succeed, you will need to allow yourself to touch your sources. Any other strategy will result in your expiration, and that of your planet. The chances of you accidentally stumbling on even one of the books, without a real connection strategy aren't worth considering.

There are 288 shelves arranged in a starPattern around your current location. Speak the linkName of any book into the central station and that book will be delivered into your hand.

You are then given the internal understanding of the basics of access and standards of organization of the library. Somehow, this is ‘communicated into you’ instantly.

On the floor, at your feet, is a stopwatch. Twelve minutes have elapsed since your arrival.

If you can't locate the essential and ‘alingual’ migration skill in yourSelf, which book will most rapidly and efficiently lead you to the skill you seek?


Tick. Tock.
We could probably agree that, given a game of survival and elaboration, arriving in any library at all might imply that there is a single key book which is perhaps more important than any other possible book, to become cognitively intimate with. And strangely, there are 'more than one' such book(s)', in any library — part of this is a result of the essential generality of the universe and its paradigms of organizational symmetry.

Books, are, it turns out, scalar accretions more than they are linear recordings. This secret has for far too long been hidden. Experiencing it as a reader grants some extremely uncommon cognitive experiences, abilities, and emergent skills. That is the goal of this toy.

I believe that probably for as long as we have had written language there has been something that is in essence a ‘book of how to talk’ to the beings who live in the transports, which are within you, as you are within them.

This is the finest possible goal of knowing — to return us to active relation with its sources, and to authorize us to again experience the innocence, wonder, and miraculous nature of our birthright and their power to insure liberty, unity, mutual uplift, and rescue.