Sunday, October 11, 2009

fatimate truth and deception

Al-Gharb-Al-Andalus | Fatima (as) besides the name of the daughter of the Prophet (saw) and the wife of the gate to the Prophet-Ali (as) is the name of a small Portuguese town close to Ourem and Tomar. Since early christian times (or even before) the area was recognized as "spiritually special", this fact being proven by the presence of the Templar Knigths in the area (Tomar) as well as other religious-military orders.

But it seems that these were not the first to recognize the spirituality of the Place. Centuries before the Fatimid Moors who were the main part of the algharb moors (shia-ismaili) recognized this energy in those places and therefore the name of the town. What to Shia Moors looked like Fatima probably to Christian Knights looked like Mother Mary. The possibilities and speculations about what phenomena appears or appeared in that area are inumerous, but probably no one like the Professor Moisés Espírito Santo studied the issue in such depth.

In his book "As aparições de Fátima e os mouros Fatimidas"(the Fatima Apparitions and Fatimid Moors) - Moisés establishes links that no one ever dared to pronounce or write.

The initial theme of Moise's book were the islamic minorities (shia and ismaili) that advanced through the mediterranean and the iberian peninsula during the middle ages. Along the way the author sarted to understand the existence of elements of shia gnosis (irfan) of the IX-XII centuries in the reports of the modern visions (1917) of Mother Mary of Fatima in Cova da Iria.

A strange crossroad. The author decided therefore to research those elements. Using historical documents, Ethnology, ethnolinguistics and theological elements, the author breaks down the Shia (Fatimid) theological concepts of the IX-XII centuries along with the visions of 1917 at Fatima.

The author discovers a common identity at a historical, toponimical and other levels. We are therefore facing an incredible enigma taking in account the little we know about these Mother Mary/Fatima apparitions.