Saturday, October 10, 2009

fascism in america

Veterans Today | In recent days, there has been much confusion with terms like "Fascism" and "Socialism" being tossed around as one in the same, mostly in reference to President Obama and his war against the insurance monopoly in America. Years ago, Americans seemed to have gone into a state of confusion over poltical labels.

"Conservatives" wanted to borrow and cut taxes to the rich while creating massive goverrnment bureaucracies and "Liberals" are secret communists, wanting to tax the rich while making everyone move onto collective farms and grow turnips at gunpoint. Its almost as though an entire generation had lobotomized themselves.

A few things have to be made clear. Socialism is when workers own the means of production. If Karl Marx got a good look at Communist Russia, he would have been spinning in his grave. Marxs' "workers paradise" turned into a huge corporation run by Stalin that enslaved millions.

In the same way, Adam Smith in his Wealth of Nations, described capitalism as a totally free market, chaotic in many ways, but guided by an "invisible hand" where hard work and natural talent would build wealth and encourage a moral balance. Were he to see the current system of corruption, monopolies, government subsides and bail outs he too would be spinning like a top in his crypt.

Any competent political scientist will tell you that Fascism is everything bad about capitalism on steroids. Big business runs a Fascist state through a government with unlimited power to guarantee profits, enslave workers and even use military force for profit. The movie, Schindlers List does a good job of showing how this worked in Nazi Germany on a day to day basis.

In America today, we have political groups partnered in much the same way as in Germany in the 30s and 40s spending millions to convince folks without alot of formal education that the scary word "Fascist" describes someone working to stop monopolies from controlling government rather than supporting them. Maybe money can make up down and down up.

This is totally backwards. The folks spewing this curious and idiotic brew have a bit of histroy themselves and know Fascism better than anyone. Borrowed from the pages of The Nazi Hydra in America, the following snipit on our political history will help some of our confused friends gain a new perspective. Written by Glen Yeadon and John Hawkins and praised by noted historian Howard Zinn as a vital work, The Nazi Hydra in America is a must read for anyone wanting a clear understanding of how America got where it is today. Editors note: Read about how this book was suppressed.