Sunday, February 08, 2009

canada urged to forge energy ties with russia, china | Two weeks before Barack Obama's visit to Canada, the leaders of three top Canadian think tanks are urging Ottawa to broaden its energy horizons and initiate discussions for a North Pacific Energy Security Framework that would include Russia and China.

And depending on the U.S. President's direction on climate change, cap-and-trade and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard - measures that Mr. Obama is championing as part of his green agenda that would be harmful to Canadian energy development - Canada could accelerate the drive to diversify its energy markets, the leaders said.

"Exporters depend on a robust international trading system, and discussions surrounding a North Pacific Energy Security Framework provide Canada with the opportunity to defend a trading system aligned with Canadian interests," they said. The paper, released this week, was produced by Pierre Alvarez, former president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and chairman of the Canadian Centre for Energy Information; Michael Cleland, president of the Canadian Gas Association; and Roger Gibbins, president of the Canada West Foundation.