Saturday, February 07, 2009

the california tea party...,

The most fiscally irresponsible state government is beginning to discover that it cannot continue its high handed ways. It is one thing to tell taxpayers they will have to wait for their tax refund checks until the state comes up with cash. But it is quite another to tell counties, which collect certain taxes on behalf of the state, that they will have to wait for their state aid. The Sacramento Bee reports:
Counties in California say they've had enough – and they aren't going to take it anymore. In what amounts to a Boston Tea Party-style revolt against the state Capitol, they're threatening to withhold money. Los Angeles is considering such an option. And Colusa County supervisors said they authorized payment delays for February.
I think they call this anarchy. Can you blame the Counties? They are the ones on the front lines having to deal with all of this. Where are the recall petitions? Where are the bus loads of Californians protesting around the capitol? A recall drive on the capitol steps would send a clear message to the State officials. I hear Fridays will be slow downtown. Furlough Friday or Recall Friday?

Of course it's not just the counties. MSNBC reports:
"We have been borrowing since July 12, 2007. That was the last day the general fund had any cash in it, and we've been relying on internal funds and borrowing from wall street to tide us over," said Garin Casaleggio, spokesperson for the state controller. But now, the cash crunch has hit critical mass with taxpayers getting the short end of the stick.
The theme of "revolt" is rapidly spreading. Economic riots and large scale civil unrest have already rocked France, Greece, Russia, China, and Britain. Now, unrest is beginning to taking hold in the U.S. - though for the most part at this early stage - it is taking the form of financial revolt