Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wizards at War - II

Kubrick again, showing it like it T.I.-izzzz.....,

What's most interesting to me is that wizards occupy a special status in the governance calculations of the powers that be. My esteemed blogospheric colleague Mahndisa Rigmaiden has written extensively about the power of wizards and the special status they are accorded and which they must be accorded in the political calculus;
Now, here we are almost two years later and not much has changed. See my WWIII

1. Part I
2. Part II
3.Part III
4.Jihad + Rigorous Science= Big Red Flag!

There were some of you who refused to acknowledge that we are in a war. There was one particular blogger who used my articles to badmouth the United States and consistently diminished the seriousness of the Iranian situation.

All of this to ask you all to check out the Iranian Journal of Physics. If you truly take the time to peruse their titles and read some of their literature, you will realize that an intelligent, highly educated enemy is worthy of respect AND must be stopped is Near series for elaboration: by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. I think their journal is pretty awesome and stand to learn quite a bit from reading their articles. So can the general public. We had better start developing more scientists or bring the Iranian scientists over to our side. Otherwise, we are screwed!
While I believe we disagree strongly about the geopolitics of the situation, (and really don't want to enjoin that discussion here in a partisan way outside the context of the underlying empirical fact of Peak Oil and what that means for us all) - she's absolutely spot on about those Iranian wizards.....,


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