Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Wizard of Oz

Forget the Straussians, Meet the Marshallites behind them--and note that Straussians are a subset of the Marshallites.

ClimateChange, Pentagon's Weather Nightmare, ANDREW MARSHALL as OZ WIZARD OF 9-11

The link is to a compilation of most if not all significant articles on the web about Andrew Marshall. Marshall himself is not very much of a wizard. However, his influence in wizardly circles is unparalleled. Understand right up front, you're just not going to get to read very much if any of what Marshall has coordinated through the Office of Net Assessment without a hefty security clearance. However, the man sometimes called Yoda or the Wizard of Oz, has lots of Jedi disciples and wizard apprentices whose publications are available in the public domain. Some of the more interesting of these will be the focus of the remainder of the Wizards at War series. I hope you'll read the indymedia link and get a feel for just how profoundly influential this ancient, wizened little wizard has been. Why I've referenced Dr. Strangelove, and when I resume the series, why I referenced Everett and Lambda in particular. Here's a link to the Pentagon weather nightmare scenario report referenced extensively in the Fortune magazine article about Marshall. It's only 22 pages long and an easy enough read.

It seems that Andrew Marshall is the strategist, while front men like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Bush, and others are amanuenses and factotums. In other words, Andrew Marshall is one of the people, like in the Wizard of Oz, of whom you are supposed to "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." However, he is pulling the strings and the one making the plans--particularly the plans for the Pentagon's "transformation/revolution" in miltiary affairs, that is moving the US military into a 'quick-global strike in-and-out' organization--using unmanned air vehicles and global satellite surveillance of all kinds. Notice his other concern: global environmental change. The public construction of the 9-11 events as "international terror" link up with the same networks of Marshallites that are concerned with global environmental change. The 9-11 story has provided them with their ONLY justification for the policies they want to implant across the world. Without 9-11, this Marshallite future would be dead on arrival. This is an article about Marshall, from information freely available around the net, with some commentary about connections and appointment in the Bush Administration that were in place for by 9-11-01.

Andrew Marshall "was part of a group formed nearly 50 years ago at the Rand Institute in Santa Monica, California, whose job it was, in the words of a member named Herman Kahn, a model for Dr. Strangelove, to 'think the unthinkable'. In other words, they played war games and imagined horrifying scenarios.

"Since the 1980s Mr Marshall has been a promoter of an idea first posited in 1982 by Marshal Nikolai Ogarkov, then chief of the Soviet general staff, called RMA, or 'Revolution in Military Affairs'. The RMA, in general terms, opines that technological advances have changed the very nature of conventional war. Rather than conflict conducted by ground troops, the new conventional war will be conducted almost like a nuclear war, managed by strategic defence and computers at remote locations targeting missiles at enemies.

"The 'battlefield', as it once was known, would no longer exist. War, in the RMA lexicon, would be conducted by spy satellites and long-range missiles, by computer viruses that would disable the enemies' offensive and defensive systems, and by a 'layered' defence system that would make the US impenetrable.

"For most of the last decade, and certainly under the Clinton administration, Mr Marshall and his protgs, who include both Mr Wolfowitz and the Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, and secretary of the air force James Roche, languished in various hinterlands, including a stint for Mr Rumsfeld in the pharmaceutical industry. Mr Marshall ran seminars at the Naval War College in Rhode Island. Neither technological advances nor the political climate existed to make the RMA feasible.


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