Thursday, December 13, 2007

Human Essentialist Cognitive Activism

Since the subject of human essentialism was questioned here rather recently, I thought I might point you in the direction of a good on-topic point of entry into a treatment of the subject that I hold in the highest regard. The ongoing debates in which I've gotten embroiled increasingly demand that I stipulate some or another political stance. Unfortunately, interpersonal communion and emergence are difficult stances to articulate. Still fuzzier and less accessible when articulated in terms of Gurdjieffian group work. Suffice it to say that I sincerely take at face value that the word ‘conscious’ means ‘knowing together’ and that the realization to whatever degree of the potential of people ‘thinking together’ is revolutionary. I recommend visiting, visiting, and revisiting this entire site. It is a truly exceptional ergodic text.

We can together reMember a game of unity and mutual uplift our anscestors were adept with, and games of this nature will entirely change what we believe about what it means to be human — because what we believe is grossly misfounded, and our intelligence has potentials we’ve never seen examples of.

There is a garden of stories we can share...which rapidly unlock learning potentials barely dreamt of in our religions and most imaginative fictions... by changing how we interact with a feature of representational experience.

For thousands of years our ancestors were attempting to piece together a way to speak about a living riddle which they had constant and direct experience of. This riddle had to do with the source of Knowledge. and the meaning of Light, Darkness, Life and Death.

Each of our cultures and their children of science, philosophy or religion express a different version as well as a modernized token of their essential experience and understanding — but there are ways of integrating the toys they left us that lead to a startling experience:

Direct contact with what they were making stories about.

If we can merely agree, we can play an ancient riddle-solving game together...

that transforms into game of impossible rescue...

...and that’s only the beginning...