Monday, December 17, 2007

Colorado Shooter on Anti-Depressants Too

Most information about Murray has become known in recent days through ranting Internet posts that appear to be the shooter’s words. One posting obtained by the AP was to a site called Independent Spirits, a gathering place for those affected by a strict Christian homeschooling curriculum.

The author, going by the handle Chrstnghtmr, described going with his mother to a conference at New Life. The poster said he “got into a debate” with two prayer team staff members, who monitored him, then tracked down his mother and “told her … I ‘wasn’t walking with the lord and could be planning violence.’” The September 2006 post includes biographical information that matches Murray’s background — including details consistent with his involvement in Youth With a Mission, which ran the training center he targeted in last weekend’s rampage.

Chrstnghtmr wrote that at age 17, after an attempt at going “all out for Jesus,” he plunged into a “dark suicidal depression” because he somehow couldn’t live up to the rules. He wrote he felt he was “failing God.” Chrstnghtmr described his parents putting him on two antidepressants after he shared his feelings.
Just half of a hot minute after telling you about the Omaha shooter being on anti-depressant drugs, here we go again. Pretty soon, you too will come to accept that where there's an otherwise inexplicable mass shooting in the U.S. - there too will you find SSRI's and quite likely Ritalin or Adderall.