Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Guardians Of Inclusive Capitalism

wikipedia |  In 2012, the Henry Jackson Society created a task force for Inclusive Capitalism Initiative project in order to start a transatlantic conversation about the growing income inequalities and their threat to the capitalist system.[20]

In 2014, Conference on Inclusive Capitalism, co-hosted by the City of London and E. L. Rothschild holding company, was held in London where the concept of inclusive capitalism was discussed as a practical measure.[21] At another conference in 2015 the "Pathway to Action" was brainstormed.[22] In the same 2015 year, the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism was registered in the United States as a not-for-profit organization.[23] Lynn Forester de Rothschild became the founding CEO of the Coalition. At the 2016 Conference on Inclusive Capitalism in New York City, participants expressed commitment to promote inclusive economic growth.[24] Members of the Coalition expressed a belief that all stakeholders, including business and society, should be engaged in the enactment of an inclusive capitalism agenda[25][26]

In 2019, the Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism (EPIC) undertaken by the Coalition together with Ernst & Young reported its findings in a white paper. It was a pioneering effort to "develop a framework and identify meaningful metrics to report on long-term and inclusive value creation activities that heretofore have not been captured on traditional financial statements".[27]

In 2020, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, a partnership of the Coalition with the Vatican, was created.[28][29][30]

Some pundits express optimism that it is possible to remake capitalism in a more inclusive and responsible way.[31]