Monday, November 28, 2016

Every Day I'm Hustle-in, Every Day I'm Hustle-in....,

stateofthenation |  If Stein was truly so concerned about getting to an accurate vote count of legal and legitimate voters, wouldn’t she also look at the other 47 states where voting irregularities were rife.

Wouldn’t she want to eliminate:
all the dead voters,
all the illegal alien voters,
all the unregistered voters,
all the double, triple and quadruple voters,
all the stuffed ballot boxes with nonexistent voters.

Then there are the many instances where a vote for Trump was flipped to a vote for Clinton.

This incomplete list of actual examples of vote fraud and election theft was always working to the advantage of Candidate Clinton on November 8th.  Why isn’t Stein concerned about these myriad cases of vote fraud?

The financial angle with Stein is quite HUGE! 
There is perhaps no better advice for a super sleuth trying to figure out Stein’s game that to “Follow the money!”

Here’s a presidential candidate who only raised $3,509,477 in campaign contributions during the entire 2016 election cycle.  Then, she goes out and raises well over $5,400,000 in but a few days and won’t even guarantee that the donations will fund the recount.