Monday, August 13, 2012

genuine and conspicuous BD "burn the witch" insanity...,

dailykenn | There's a reason Gary Harrington is in jail.

The Oregon resident has been fighting for years to preserve his right to collect rain water. A 1925 law prohibits residents from diverting water from streams. Harrington's ponds ran afoul of that law and now he is serving 30 days in jail. He was also slapped with $1,500 in fines.

The state claims it has a vested interest in protecting the water supply of all its residents. Warehousing rain water in reservoirs on private property before it has a chance to channel downstream apparently robs others of the precious resource. The state's solution is to impose effective water rationing.

Did the state overstep it bounds? Most think so.

There is, however, an ongoing problem: Use of ground water is outstripping its supply in parts of the nation. The more people, the more water is used.

One has to wonder why state and federal governments worry themselves with ponds like Harrington's while aggressively dismantling the nation's wall of separation between illegal immigration and states' vested interest in protecting our resources, water in particular.

Or, to offer a more blunt rendition: Why do state governments jail and fine minuscule offenders like Harrington while intentionally absorbing literally millions of humans via immigration.

Mayo Clinic says every adult requires 11 cups of water per day. That's 4,015 cups of water per year, or about 250 gallons.

I don't know how many gallons of water were held in Harrington's ponds, but my best guess would suppose it's a tad bit less than the 2.5 billion gallons of water consumed each year by 10 million illegal aliens.

So how serious is the problem? Fist tap Big Don.


CNu said...

How Kenn and BD connect up illegal aliens drinking water with ground water depletion is a priceless moment of magical thinking - revealed in the most conspicuous way imaginable. One could wait a lifetime to see such an epic display of pseudo-intellectual fustercluckery....,

Big Don said...

...C'mon, CNu - you're the one continually complaining America is living beyond its means resource-wise.

The 11 cups a day is way, way too low - that's about 0.7 gallon, and is just enough for drinking/hydration.

How many times do you flush a toilet per day..?? - Gotta be at least 4-5. That's 7 gallons a day right there, assuming illegals don't wash their hands after pissing or wiping their asses, that's even more water for those that do. And at least some of them are going to take showers after working all day in the hot fields picking lettuce, tearing off old roofs, or cleaning up slop in a slaughterhouse. Big Don would suggest 3000 gallons per year, per illegal, is a much more accurate number. And how about doing laundry and washing dishes? - Didn't count that, at least some of them must live like civilized White people, in their homes funded by no-money-down loans they lwill never pay back, and lied to get.

Resource consumption in America is maxxed out. Boot all their undocumented asses back to Mexico and let them drink/bathe in whats left of the Colorado River where it runs into baja Gulf of California, where you can wade across it.....

CNu said...

Um..., I'ma go with shut down the golf courses instead, and call it a wrap. Guaranteed, the golf courses consume some ludicrous multiple of any figure you could ever confabulate for illegal aliens, not to mention, golf is easily the stupidest, most boring, and conspicuously wasteful activity perpetrated by your barbarian culture.

Big Don said...

...BD will see your golf courses, and raise you a few million useless-eating drug-dealing EBT-swiping gangbangers washing their Escalades.......

Dale Asberry said...

Hey BD, 60% of the water consumed in the U.S. goes directly to farming irrigation and animal husbandry. If only 4% of the U.S. population is illegal immigrants while 37% of Americans are obese, I say let's trim the fat first... we can start with YOU!

Dale Asberry said...

I'm going with CNu. Palm Springs, CA, has more golf courses per capita than any other city in the country. And it's in the middle of the friggin' desert.

uglyblackjohn said...

Hey... this guy is stealing MY water!!! The run off flows into the Upper Klamath Lakes. My tribes (Klamath/Modoc) just sued the state and won the rights to the water from their tribal lake.