Sunday, January 09, 2011

did the CIA funnel drugs into poor US neighborhoods?

Video - Russia Times CIA funnels drugs into poor US neighborhoods

Russia Times | There is a long and expanding history of American tax payer dollars being used to help certain people get rich off of illicit drug sales.

Gang violence has been a part of some Los Angeles neighborhoods for decades, but it wasn’t until the 1980’s that gang members saw their biggest money making opportunity with crack cocaine. Little did they know that the CIA was using them as pawns in a larger scheme by allowing the more affordable drug to come into their neighborhood.

Freeway Ricky Ross, one of America’s biggest drug dealers, unwittingly became a main player in the Central American drug connection, which sent millions of American dollars in drug money to Nicaragua.The CIA’s plan was to promote and finance the Contra revolutionary group, which was trying to depose the Socialist Sandinista government in the Central American country.

“Russia had given the Sandinistas a hundred million dollars to fight with. Congress had cut off all the money from the contras, so now, the Sandinistas had the advantage,” said Ricky Ross.

President Ronald Reagan and then Vice President George H. W. Bush fretted over Soviet influence in Nicaragua.

“They would be in our backyard.I believe that they felt it was more valuable to sacrifice a particular sector of America, and a race of people in America in order to save the whole country,” said Ross.

Former LAPD detective and author Michael Ruppert has written extensively about the government’s involvement in drug trafficking around the world.He says politics isn’t the only motive.

“The control of the cash from the drug trade is of vital importance to wall street, because drug profits are laundered under corporations and banks net profits,” said Ruppert.

The CIA’s policy of looking the other way wasn’t just for the benefit of big business or crushing revolutionary movements abroad.Domestically, drugs and drug lords were used to quell black activist movements that challenged the status quo.


Big Don said...

Scheme like this could only affect communities IQ-75 dumb stupid enough to use large quantities of drugs in the first place. If all this in fact actually happened as alleged, why didn't the CIA target Asian-America...??

CNu said...

Thanks for representing Don "Chilito"..., if you didn't exist, I would have to make you up.

ken said...

Hey, that's what Cobb said about you.

brotherbrown said...

Was there a new revelation? The late Gary Webb first exposed this almost 15 years ago in the San Jose Mercury News, then wrote a book, "Dark Alliance." Maybe 5 years ago, he died of "a self-inflicted gunshot."

CNu said...

No new revelation brotherbrown - I simply enjoyed the fact that RT decided to go in on this story this weekend and address itself to what happened with the benefit of its external and independent perspective...,

CNu said...


so worried what I think about teabagging nutters gone wild - you up in here clickity-clacking your keyboard when you KNOW you should be in "church" somewhere - enrapt in some more dominant male's hypnotic magical-thinking whoowee....,

ken said...

Actually I had to stay home with one of the sick kids, I think if I were you I would hold off on this one being motivated by anything other than the music in his head. But at the moment if we are trying to identify various political leanings by the actions and thoughts of this young disturbed mind (a sickness in itself) your hot of the press conclusions appear to be far from the mark.

In a profile online, he listed his favorite books: "Animal Farm," "Brave New World," "The Wizard of OZ," "Aesop's Fables," "The Odyssey," "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," "Fahrenheit 451," "Peter Pan," "To Kill A Mockingbird," "We The Living," "Phantom Toll Booth," "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest," "Pulp," "Through The Looking Glass," "The Communist Manifesto," "Siddhartha," "The Old Man and the Sea," "Gulliver's Travels," "Mein Kampf," "The Republic," and "Meno."

A 22-year-old woman in Arizona, Caitie Parker, claimed on her Twitter feed that she went to high school and college with the gunman, and was in a band with him. She described his politics in the past as "left wing, quite liberal, & oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy." She also described him as having a lot of friends "until he got alcohol poisoning in '06" and dropped out of school. "Mainly loner very philosophical."
Parker described the gunman meeting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords previously: "He was a political radical & met Giffords once before in '07, asked her a question & he told me she was 'stupid & unintelligent.'"

Makheru Bradley said...

Former Reagan/Bush insider Catherine Austin Fitts talks about how well researched and documented Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance" was and how the government/MSM moved on him.

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