Friday, September 17, 2010

longlasting unemployment threatens "stable" "democracies"

Global Guerillas | Here are some interesting charts that show that there is a huge and growing group of people (nearly 50% of all unemployed have been so for 27 weeks or more) that have become structurally unemployable. This group will continue to grow and increasingly seek group/tribal affiliations that offer alternative forms of advancement/protection.

Why? Simply, the global market system the US fostered/defended to defeat Communism, took on a life of its own in the late 70's. It's now massive, insanely complex, blindingly fast, and completely out of control.

Worse, it's easily corrupted by cancers (a financial oligarchy) that operate without constraint inside its core platform. All attempts at mitigation of this disease are intellectually rebuffed by an economic theocracy out of touch with reality (reminiscent of the divine right of kings). Its rise is the reason incomes in the West haven't increased in over three decades (!). Its dominance and increasing turbulence is the reason we are in D2, the second global depression.

One potential future is that the social pressures of D2 will shred what's left of the social contract in the Western democracies. That would mean that the only way out (for those of us unwilling to be passive) is to build something new. Something that mitigates our connection to this global system. My best attempt at a solution to this conundrum is the resilient community. A resilient community that can protect and sustain us. A community that can provide prosperity and a future worth living in. A community that can out compete successfully at a global level while protecting its members from the viciousness of an unconstrained invisible hand.