Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anti-Democratic Global Corporatism

Ten years ago, the late Sir James Goldsmith discussed the toxic social effects of global corporatism with Charlie Rose. Enduring nasty "debate" from a Clinton hanger-on, Dr. Laura D'Andrea Tyson for about 10 minutes toward the middle of the program - Goldsmith resumes civil discourse with Charlie Rose after Tyson finishes. Very, very interesting insight into the subversion of the global financial system, the U.S. economy, and the health of our population.

Goldsmith was also the founder of the most successful of the U.K. Referendum Parties - a most capital notion for reinjecting democratic praxis into the otherwise utterly undemocratic governance scheme that we currently endure.


Anonymous said...

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BiggerFatterPolitics said...

Corporations Are People My Friend BUT the slime who run them are not human beings Click Here

Many US corporations are run by gangsters. Ron Paul called it corporatism and Jimmy Carter says that the US in no longer a functioning Democracy.