Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Thoughtcrime is The Only Crime That Matters."

The term thoughtcrime is used to refer to crimes (allegorical or legislative) whereby the alleged "criminal" commits a crime not by action but by expressing their thoughts in some way. Real world thoughtcrimes are punishable by measures as severe as death. Even in western countries where freedom of thought is considered a fundamental value, still there are cases where it is possible to incur penalties of the law for saying or thinking something.

Just as technology played a significant part in the detection of thoughtcrime in Nineteen Eighty-Four — a number of technologies have been developed to try to detect thought and emotional states. For example, networks of CCTV cameras are being connected to image-recognition software that intends to detect possible wrongdoers by looking for signs of anxiety.

Remember folks, always and everywhere, it's about the convergence of science, technology, and society....,


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