Wednesday, June 17, 2015

rachel discrimination is a butt-hurt weak negroe thang, you wouldn't understand....,

historymatters |  As for the literature, painting, and sculpture of Aframericans—such as there is—it is identical in kind with the literature, painting, and sculpture of white Americans: that is, it shows more or less evidence of European influence. In the field of drama little of any merit has been written by and about Negroes that could not have been written by whites. The dean of the Aframerican literati written by and about Negroes that could not have been written by whites. The dean of the Aframerican literati is W. E. B. Du Bois, a product of Harvard and German universities; the foremost Aframerican sculptor is Meta Warwick Fuller, a graduate of leading American art schools and former student of Rodin; while the most noted Aframerican painter, Henry Ossawa Tanner, is dean of American painters in Paris and has been decorated by the French Government. Now the work of these artists is no more “expressive of the Negro soul”—as the gushers put it—than are the scribblings of Octavus Cohen or Hugh Wiley.

This, of course, is easily understood if one stops to realize that the Aframerican is merely a lampblacked Anglo-Saxon. If the European immigrant after two or three generations of exposure to our schools, politics, advertising, moral crusades, and restaurants becomes indistinguishable from the mass of Americans of the older stock (despite the influence of the foreign-language press), how much truer must it be of the sons of Ham who have been subjected to what the uplifters call Americanism for the last three hundred years. Aside from his color, which ranges from very dark brown to pink, your American Negro is just plain American. Negroes and whites from the same localities in this country talk, think, and act about the same. Because a few writers with a paucity of themes have seized upon imbecilities of the Negro rustics and clowns and palmed them off as authentic and characteristic Aframerican behavior, the common notion that the black American is so “different” from his white neighbor has gained wide currency. The mere mention of the word “Negro” conjures up in the average white American’s mind a composite stereotype of Bert Williams, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Tom, Jack Johnson, Florian Slappey, and the various monstrosities scrawled by the cartoonists. Your average Aframerican no more resembles this stereotype than the average American resembles a composite of Andy Gump, Jim Jeffries, and a cartoon by Rube Goldberg.

Again, the Aframerican is subject to the same economic and social forces that mold the actions and thoughts of the white Americans. He is not living in a different world as some whites and a few Negroes would have me believe. When the jangling of his Connecticut alarm clock gets him out of his Grand Rapids bed to a breakfast similar to that eaten by his white brother across the street; when he toils at the same or similar work in mills, mines, factories, and commerce alongside the descendants of Spartacus, Robin Hood, and Erik the Red; when he wears similar clothing and speaks the same language with the same degree of perfection; when he reads the same Bible and belongs to the Baptist, Methodist, Episcopal, or Catholic church; when his fraternal affiliations also include the Elks, Masons, and Knights of Pythias; when he gets the same or similar schooling, lives in the same kind of houses, owns the same Hollywood version of life on the screen; when he smokes the same brands of tobacco and avidly peruses the same puerile periodicals; in short, when he responds to the same political, social, moral, and economic stimuli in precisely the same manner as his white neighbor, it is sheer nonsense to talk about “racial differences” as between the American black man and the American white man. Glance over a Negro newspaper (it is printed in good Americanese) and you will find the usual quota or crime news, scandal, personals, and uplift to be found in the average white newspaper—which, by the way, is more widely read by the Negroes than is the Negro press. In order to satisfy the cravings of an inferiority complex engendered by the colorphobia of the mob, the readers of the Negro newspapers are given a slight dash of racialistic seasoning. In the homes of the black and white Americans of the same cultural and economic level one finds similar furniture, literature, and conversation. How, then, can the black American be expected to produce art and literature dissimilar to that of the white American?

Consider Coleridge-Taylor, Edward Wilmot Blyden, and Claude McKay, the Englishmen; Pushkin, the Russian; Bridgewater, the Pole; Antar, the Arabian; Latino, the Spaniard; Dumas, père and fils,the Frenchmen; and Paul Laurence Dunbar, Charles W. Chestnut, and James Weldon Johnson, the Americans. All Negroes; yet their work shows the impress of nationality rather than race. They all reveal the psychology and culture of their environment—their color is incidental. Why should Negro artists of America vary from the national artistic norm when Negro artists in other countries have not done so? If we can foresee what kind of white citizens will inhabit this neck of the woods in the next generation by studying the sort of education and environment the children are exposed to now, it should not be difficult to reason that the adults of today are what they are because of the education and environment they were exposed to a generation ago. And that education and environment were about the same for blacks and whites. One contemplates the popularity of the Negro-art hokum and murmurs, “How-come?”

This nonsense is probably the last stand or the old myth palmed off by Negrophobists for all these many years, and recently rehashed by the sainted Harding, that there are “fundamental, eternal, and inescapable differences” between white and black Americans. That there are Negroes who will lend this myth a helping hand need occasion no surprise. It has been broadcast all over the world by the vociferous scions of slaveholders, “scientists” like Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard, and the patriots who flood the treasure of the Ku Klux Klan; and is believed, even today, by the majority of free, white citizens. On this baseless premise, so flattering to the white mob, that the blackamoor is inferior and fundamentally different, is erected the postulate that he must needs be peculiar; and when he attempts to portray life through the medium of art, it must of necessity be a peculiar art. While such reasoning may seem conclusive to the majority of Americans, it must be rejected with a loud guffaw by intelligent people.


Dale Asberry said...

Oh, and your caps lock key is broken.

CNu said...

The sister got ambushed by a reporter playing the rhetorical knockout game. I'll explain by analogy. If I walked up to you on the street intending to punch you in the head, within a matter of seconds you would suffer cerebral trauma so severe for all intents and purposes you would be declared brain dead before your body even struck the pavement. You wouldn't have a chance to defend yourself, you wouldn't have seen it coming, and you couldn't stop it even if you did.

It's a vanishingly small minority of men who could detect and counter a vicious sucker punch coming from yours truly. Such men are professional warriors who make their living transacting violence.

You're hell bent on pretending that she's a pathological liar. Pathological liars are as practiced in the arts of deception as professional warriors are in the arts of violence. A vanishingly small minority of professional liars would've been prepared to respond glibly and adroitly to the reporter's sucker punch out of the blue.

On the other hand, a woman busy as the sister has shown and proven herself to be with the righteous work of uplifting the "race", would be preoccupied with the business of Functional Culture to borrow a coinage from Bro.Feed. She's not carrying herself braced for the niggling rhetorical sucker punch that's headed her way.

Since you've clearly demonstrated your Christlike bonafides with regard to compassion and concern for the sister's well-being - I'm certain we can discard any delusions about you having anything worthwhile to offer on the subject of race and its definitional limits. Your perspective on race is doubtless as developmentally arrested and useful as your perspective on Christianity.

ken said...

Nice analogy, but can you also intertwine her requests to her brothers not to blow her cover? I more suspect the response..."I'm not sure what you mean" could have been rephrased.... "I am not sure what you know". Clearly she knew what an African American is in the context the person was asking, we pretty much all do.

I guess if you look at the definition of a pathological liar she wouldn't necessarily be that:
"a person who tells lies frequently, with no rational motive for doing so."

She clearly had motives for the lies, so I am wrong on the label.

CNu said...

Perfect analogy actually.

I'm not paying a whit of attention to her detractors within that dysfunctional and mentally ill family from which she reasonably estranged herself. I've watched the full interview with MHP and I'm fully satisfied that the sister is on the level. I'll take a dozen more like her and revolutionize a dysfunctional culture - thank you very much!

As for preaching your own specific strain of nonsensical and irrational nonsense predicated on the malignant misuse of specific psychophysical energies, other than poor Bro. Feed, you must surely realize there are no takers here. So, when you're here, leave that horseshit at home and act like you're engaging with folks who know all aspects of your game, have forgotten more than you're likely to ever know, and from whom you can learn if any of us feel so inclined.

If you want to call her anything but a child of God, remember, I've set up a place for you to hold forth with your brand of special nonsense and vitriol - let me know if you mean to put it to use

makheru bradley said...

“Her ideological counterpart was Isfet.” Counterpart: a person or thing closely resembling another, especially in function; a copy; duplicate; someone or something that has the same job or purpose as another; a thing that fits another perfectly; one remarkably similar to another; One having the same function or characteristics as another.

Dood, your ignorance of this subject is so profound, it is virtually incomparable. Isfet is the diametrical opposite of Ma'at. I’m certain that a scholarly work such as, is beyond your ability to comprehend, so try this for starters: Hilliard, Asa G. "Bringing Maat, Destroying Isfet: The African and African Diasporan Presence in the Study of Ancient Kmt." Egypt: Child of Africa. Edited by Ivan Van Sertima. New Brunswick: Journal of African Civilizations, 1994: 127-47. If you are able to digest Dr. Hilliard, hit me up at

Would Al Shabab be a force in Somalia, and a menace to Kenya, if Bush and Rice hadn’t pushed and assisted the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia in 2006?

In your upside down thought processes, neo-colonialism gave birth to itself. I would laugh, but it’s really quite sad.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Dear MB - sorry for the confusion - the FIRST PARAGRAPH was taken verbatim from Wikipedia.

Perhaps you can use the benefit of it being a Publicly editable resource to make the corrections.

Constructive_Feedback said...

And by the way, by dear brother and African Mystic:

If you were to learn that the US Drones fired into the land in which the history of Isfet and Ma'at is written in MEDU NETER script is being destroyed - just like the buildings that one can clearly see on International news - WOULD THIS provoke you into advocacy domestically?

What Would Dr Leon Sullivan Say About The Lack Of Change In US Policy And Aggression With Nations Of Color Today?

makheru bradley said...

It comes as no surprise to me that after being suckered by Obama, you’re being suckered by another political opportunist. “Are you an Afrikan American?” Dolezal, “I don’t understand the question.” You’re obviously comfortable supporting a paragon of confusion, and the “epitome of white privilege”

As regards cross-dressers, you’re the one with Jenner plastered across your blog, not me.

CNu said...

lol, angry negresses shaking their fists in futile impotent rage tickle me...,