Saturday, June 13, 2015

blackest bish on the planet has achieved her truth!!! accept no substitutes....,

thehutchinsonreport |  In February, 2015, the Spokane, Washington NAACP chapter sought action on job discrimination and civil rights violations complaints, took on Comcast, secured legal support for a transgender sexual assault victim, filed police racial profiling complaints, demanded an investigation of KKK literature in the area, and an FBI investigation of other hate crimes, and backed several job discrimination lawsuits. In addition, the Spokane NAACP branch has aggressive, activist committees on education, health care, and criminal justice reforms. That month was typical of the strong work it has done on civil rights.
These actions plopped Spokane NAACP President Rachel Dolezal squarely in the hate monger’s bulls-eye. She received threats and hate mail, and there was a reported break-in at her home. Dolezal was undaunted, "I stand by the work that I do for civil rights, and I should be able to do that work that needs to be done here in Spokane." Dozens agreed with her. They expressed their support at a Spokane City Hall rally in March.
Dolezal is back on the hot seat again. This time the heat is on not from unreconstructed bigots but many African-Americans who rail at her for allegedly being a white woman who claims to be African-American. The issue ostensibly is that she lied and misrepresented herself as black as the NAACP leader. But the real issue is whether a non-black is fit to lead a branch of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization. This is a spurious, silly, and nonsensical concern especially since many of the NAACP’s original founders were white and Jewish. In its more than a century of existence, the organization has fought for civil and equal rights—barring color.
In that light, Dolezal has done a phenomenal job. She’s taken a small chapter in a neck of the woods that in times past has been near an area well-known as a hotbed of white supremacist and armed militia organizing, and made it a true fighting organization. Dolezal should ignore the criticism and keep doing the great job she’s done.
She has proven again that actions, not race, are what counts in the civil rights battle.


makheru bradley said...

Bro. Feed, you live in a world of extrapolations and tangential arguments that are detached from the reality of the issue I discussed.

CNu said...

lol, been missing you around these parts brah...,

While I'm sure there are others, but purely for discussion's sake, we are obliged to consider a minimum baseline of three types of hierarchical human social networks:
1. Science-net
2. Dominance-net
3. Prestige-net
Then go read my man Gil-White on the prestige networks

To your point, black folks in America are phukked like Jews in Europe in 1928. Our collective, diasporic governance is a hollow-man devoid of the indispensable dominance and science nets.

Hitler made the Jews exponentially stronger by culling the mass of distracting and de-evolutionary oxygen-thieving prestige wussies and opening the door for a worldwide takeover by hardcore Murder Inc. gangsters, hardcore science-heads, and hardcore finance-wanksters. I have almost reached the point of believing that our only hope resides in a bloody round on the evolutionary threshing floor leaving none but the very strongest to survive.

I'll take Rachel Dolezal any day over that truly Stockholm Syndrome parasite Carlotta "Buffy" Miles.....,

CNu said...

daily spreading your wrinkled up old cakes

rotflmbao..., yet again demonstrating the fine art of unpremeditated blog murder.....,

makheru bradley said...

Despite her apparent “good intentions” a lie is a lie, and she didn’t really need to lie to fight for justice. Jenner get to live his fraud, and is praised by the POTUS, because he is associated with a group seeking power, whose support cannot be taken for granted. Ms. Dolezal is under investigation because she identifies with and represents a powerless group, which is taken for granted, everyday, and every election cycle.

BigDonOne said...

@ N-1 and CREATIONISM...Here's an terrific reader comment BD saved off some blog recently. Don't remember the actual context, but tomorrow is Sunday, you might think about it while attending 'worship' services...
"Hey man. We gotta do that. The sky sugar daddy has promised us golden condos in the sky when we die. Sure hope it doesn't turn out like that Santa Claus thing....."

Ken said...

I suppose people who live only in lies are mentally ill and we should have sympathy for them. It's a problem of what part of what they claim do you believe again. It won't be easy to assign her as the truth teller in the room. From this report its a wide huge never ending lie.

CNu said...

Why Ken Hamm Jr..., you madcap. Believing in and professing as many nonsensical fictions as a buybull buddy does, how in the world can you fix your mouth to suggest that this woman's response to the fiction of race is a lie?

CNu said...

lol, okay Bro.Masai.Midnight.Purple.Black.DarkMatter.Asante....., Rachel Dolezal has shown and proven herself as black as damn near anybody you know. So, unless you're stepping up to rep for some essentialist claims around which I'd declare you to have about one half of one drop's worth of skin in the game, I'd strongly suggest you pinch and remind yourself that race is a social construct.

Bruce Jenner, btw - is not living a fraud. Bruce Jenner simply succumbed to the overwhelming force of peer pressure living as he has for a number of years with a brood of Kardashian wymyn. Bruce is now free to pursue his compulsion to try and be pretty, he succeeded in breaking the Internet, all that's left for him to do is get a black celebrity husband. At that point, his transformation into a Kardashian will be complete.

ken said...

If you could prove something the Bible says is a lie, or something I claimed is a lie, it would still not be a viable defense for lies this woman has made throughout her life or do anything to make anything she says or claims to be credible today.

CNu said...

Buybull buddies who believe in the fictions of scripture and race are mentally ill - and - have the audacity and temerity to insist that I take them seriously, consider their cockamamie and developmentally arrested ideas, opinions, and beliefs, and pretend that they're sane and viable adults.

It is not only painfully difficult to maintain this pretense, to suffer the make-believe that these pathetically broken machines have some purpose or use, but at a very fundamental level, I have no sympathy for them and would on the contrary hope that a future reproductive licensure process would winnow out any such dubious, de-evolutionary atavisms and ensure that human racial hygiene is not further negatively impacted by their continuing fecundity.

The only person I feel sympathy for is Rachel who had escaped and estranged herself from her deranged parents and was living her truth so effectively not nary a one of the highly race conscious black folks in her ambit knew any different.

ken said...

I feel sympathy for Rachel also. Look she says she was raised in a tepee in Montana hunting her food with a bow and arrow, she also doesn't like to talk about her childhood being raised in South Africa, the kids were beat with baboon whips. Later on her father's campaign signs were wrote over with the word "nigger". We all should have sympathy for a childhood like that. And I have sympathy for you to consider this type of denying of one's identity as a legitimate way to live out an individual's own truth.

On the outside of this however, one has to sort out when what she is saying is real and what she is saying is her own truth.

CNu said...

one has to sort out when what she is saying is real and what she is saying is her own truth.

lol, oh do one?

Would there even be a story here if her Ken Hamm cultist parents hadn't maliciously interfered with the arc of the life she had organized at some remove, but clearly not a far enough remove, from them? Would there be a story here if the local Spokane/Coeur D'Alene ABC affiliate hadn't been crumb hustling for sensation?

In other, related news, geriatric cross-dresser Bruce Jenner is the nexus of media enforce social acceptance and support

makheru bradley said...

“Bruce Jenner simply succumbed to the overwhelming force of peer pressure…” LOL @ rationalizing Jenner’s cowardice. “Rachel Dolezal has shown and proven herself as black as damn near anybody you know.” Since you’re measuring degrees of Blackness--SMDH--where do you rank Marilyn Buck? “Race is a social construct.” I really appreciate that bit of seminal knowledge, particularly coming from a person who says “Bruce gets to live ‘her’ truth.” LBGT is also a social construct. What’s the difference brah man? Both were constructed to achieve the same objective--power. Your hero appears to be a tad confused about the social construct of her choice. She says, "We're all from the African continent." But, she says, "I actually don't like the term African-American. I prefer black, and I would say that if I was asked I would definitely say that yes I do consider myself to be black." Help the lady out Bro. Nulan. She is confused.

ken said...

Umm no, I am surprised you haven't caught the motives of the whole thing here. Obviously the woman has no credibility, and then family might have left well enough alone except for the other issue this other issue her official real family is involved in with her. Because of her previous stories and deceptions we have no way of knowing anything she has to say has any truth. One might wonder from her obvious self hate and mental illness that maybe there is something with the home she grew up in and the son in question that grew out of that home, but right now due to her lack of credibility all we have to go on is the adopted son's perspectives and and the parents until more can be known.

The other issue:

ken said...

A little more info on the aspect of this you have yet to factor in here:

CNu said...

My bad, given their other magical mindwiping, I really should have assumed some Duggary was afoot.

CNu said...

“Bruce Jenner simply succumbed to the overwhelming force of peer pressure…” LOL @ rationalizing Jenner’s cowardice.That's called sarcasm Bro.Makheru.Since you’re measuring degrees of Blacknesslol, I have to remind myself the lady out Bro. Nu. She is confused.Don't worry, Rachel's vision's not blurry. In fact, she's getting over of her "Capt. Save-A-Hoe" delusions with each hateful boundary policing tweet, post, or commentary she sees.