Tuesday, June 16, 2015

history will not be kind to rachel discriminators...,

Michael Jackson bleached his skin and had his face reconstructed to the point of unrecognizability to become more white, and nobody accused him of being a fraud or a huckster.

Rachal Dolezal seems clearly dedicated to Black folks and the extent of her identification with Black folks seems beyond reproach. She has caused no harm and done much good. No serious person would claim that working on behalf of the NAACP and as a temporary adjunct in Africana studies is for the money?

Throughout this purely political, purely schadenfreud laden episode, all the Rachel discriminators have only picked at what will serve their own agendi. Negroes losing their minds about her in that elected NAACP office remind me of nothing so much as teatards losing their minds about the elected Hon.Bro.Preznit in the White House.  How dare that Muslim/Kenyan non-citizen ascend to the highest prestige echelon this patriot's country has to offer! Puh-leeze.....,

There is very obviously a serious underlying issue with her Ken Hamm cultist parents at the root of her estrangement from them, and, likely involved as the source/initiator of her choosing to identify with being Black. The mainstream narrative is working overtime to keep this as the great invisible elephant in the room. Though some may believe that the power of propaganda and the pervasiveness of mass stupidity so great that everyone can be kept distracted from this indefinitely. I don't think so. Based on the way she handled herself with Matt Lauer, I firmly believe that the real reason(s0 why she did what she did will eventually come out and be properly understood. F'zample, why does she have custody of Isaiah adopted by the Hammcultists?

Anyway, the other dimension of schadenfreud attendent to this story is the forbidden desire to discuss identity and genetic determinism in the light of the currently highly propagandized and forced acceptance of the Kardashian-related science project.


rohan said...

History? She bout to flip this script in real time. By 2005, Dolezal was divorced and living in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where she worked as an artist, according to local newspaper stories. Her racial transformation began soon after; by 2009, she was identifying as a black woman, living in Spokane and teaching in the Africana Education program at Eastern Washington University. Her students loved her.

“It’s like she took this big stamp of validation and slapped it down and said, ‘Yeah, you can do all these things. And, yes, you’re beautiful, and yes, you’re intelligent,’ ” said Tamara Wright Chavez, 39.

“Regardless of what Rachel Dolezal’s ethnicity is, the one thing I know for certain? She had unquestionably positive impacts on my education and my own self-image as a black woman,” said Jaclyn Archer, 23.

The university no longer lists Dolezal on its Web site, but she taught there this spring.

By 2010, Dolezal was using her new image to seek the spotlight. She was elected president of the NAACP last November, beating out the incumbent, a black man named James Wilburn.

Dolezal quickly raised money, moved the chapter office from a low-income black neighborhood to a shiny downtown office, and established herself as a dynamic leader in a chapter that had lost some prominence. Then came the scandal. Late Monday, Dolezal boarded a plane for New York, where she was scheduled to give an exclusive interview on the “Today” show. http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/amid-controversy-rachel-dolezal-resigns-as-head-of-spokanes-naacp-chapter/2015/06/15/b0ca8690-129c-11e5-9ddc-e3353542100c_story.html

Dale Asberry said...

I'm starting to think this was no unexpected scandal...and that someone would rather have the prestige than a functioning Spokane NAACP office doing good works.

ken said...

I don't know if history will ever be kind to Rachel, but if the accusations present are true, there could be more sympathy for her.

"Joshua Dolezal, 39, was arrested in 2014 in the felony case and posted bail, court records show.
The victim — whose identity is being withheld by The News due to the nature of the allegations — contacted the Clear Creek County Sheriff in 2013 with the damaging allegations.

The victim claimed the abuse was “mostly oral sex and touching” that took place more than a decade ago when the victim was 6 or 7 years old, an arrest warrant affidavit obtained by The News on Monday said.

The victim also claimed Joshua Dolezal “victimized” Rachel Dolezal as well.

Dolezal’s parents blasted the accusations against their eldest son in a statement to The News on Monday.


On another note, don't know if it makes any difference or not, but Rachel is the only biological child of the family...

We'll just have to wait and see, Josh did say this about Rachel's husband she had for a short time....

“When my sister brought her husband home after they had eloped, she brought the project of their love,” he wrote. “Her job was to say, ‘Baby, could you wash while I dry?’ His job was to play along.” Rachel Doleful gave a similar account of the marriage in an interview with The Easterner.

Joshua Dolezal was angry.

“I murdered him hundreds of times in my sleep,” he wrote of his former brother-in-law.

Eventually, the couple separated.

Dale Asberry said...

Let me slightly restate... someone would rather have vindictive revenge than [...]

CNu said...

Those responsible for stripping her of any vestige of a private life, any visible means of support, and who have cast her to the winds, are now about to reap a hurricane. She's free and utterly fearless now and I believe that I'm a loooooooong way from alone in casting my support behind her. That was conspicuously obvious to the casual observer of her composure during this morning's interview.


ken said...

It seems those with no concern for the truth are very well composed, she has been lying and play acting a very, very long time. She is going to go through such an identity crisis now being recognized for who she is rather than what she wanted people to believe, its going to be an interesting story, but there is not going to be any fearless shots being leveled against the people around her. She very well could be just a sick woman accusing her parents, her university and her ex-husband of different abuses or injustices, time should tell.

CNu said...

Since we all know that fundamentalist Christians believe, live, and proselytize an absolute fiction indicative of clear mental illness, I almost feel compelled to defer to your subject matter expertise about well composed lying and play acting Ken: many people have challenged the construct of race without lying about their lives. But there is something more worth discussing here.

The easy presumption about Dolezal, who has two white parents and light skin and eyes—and hair that has ranged from blond to brown, though she has worn it in ways that are culturally associated with black women—is that this is an instance in which someone finally pointed out the obvious: the emperor is naked. But, in truth, Dolezal has been dressed precisely as we all are, in a fictive garb of race whose determinations are as arbitrary as they are damaging. This doesn’t mean that Dolezal wasn’t lying about who she is. It means that she was lying about a lie.http://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/rachel-dolezal-black-like-her

makheru bradley said...

Speaking of discrimination: A Smoking Gun report published Monday reveals that Rachel Dolezal once filed a lawsuit against Howard University for discriminating against her as a white woman. Prior to the suit’s dismissal in 2004, Dolezal’s claims against Howard included “discrimination based on race, pregnancy, family responsibilities and gender.”


I don't know if Dolezal is a very confused person, or if she is an opportunistic scammer. I do know that a lot of people have hitched their wagons to a liar.

CNu said...

The underlying motivation for the suit was nepotism. Her TA status was disavowed and awarded to the cousin/child/friend of an administrator in authority. She was marginalized on a basis other than merit, welcome to the hard knock reality we're never taught to prepare for. She learned the hard way that the burden of proof in such matters is almost unattainably high unless you can show pattern and praxis, neither of which apply in the unique circumstance in which she got dogged.

Given that your entire oeuvre is tied to the fiction of race, it's unsurprising to find you getting under the covers with the strange bedfellows united against her, conservative white nationalists, angry black women, and male cross-dressers.

makheru bradley said...

Five points. (1) I’m aligned with Ma’at. (2) History will not absolve liars. (3) Race, having been socially-constructed by the White Supremacy Dynamic to maintain and expand their political and economic power, while assuaging their virtually non-existent moral conscience, is a global phenomenon which has to be dealt with.. (4) Lol @ the “fiction of race.” You are supporting a person who filed a racial discrimination suit as a white woman, who now identifies herself as Black, but not Afrikan American. (5) In the struggle for clarity vs confusion, it is a jes dayum situation when one of the smartest people on the planet is pushing confusion over clarity.

ken said...

I'm sorry, nice try, but when someone says when asked...Are you African American? And her answer is..."I'm not sure what you mean." And she claims to teach African American studies and sued her university she attended for discriminating against her because she is white, and she says some black man is her father, and knows her mother and father are white and the rest of us would think she is white because of who her mother and father are, and she tells her brothers not to blow her cover....She really is lying about who she is.

We all are still waiting to see if we will know why, but it is clear she was lying about who she is. We can talk about race and its definitional limits, I should have good perspective about it. But to make her lies some sort of new societal definition is silly. She's simply a pathological liar, hopefully one day by God's grace we will be able to say she was a pathological liar.

Constructive_Feedback said...

Sigh. No surprise.

Dale Asberry:

Could you lay out an iron-clad framework by which we MEASURE the "Good Works" of the "Spokane NAACP"?

Using the more popular Detroit NAACP as my reference:

1) When the city ran into a financial crisis that threatened the pensions of thousands of retirees, the NAACP was on the "Right Side Of History", protecting the PEOPLE and not their friends in the ESTABLISHMENT:**********************************NOPE

2) When it came to operationalizing their popular protest sign language: "Education Is The Great Racial Equalizer", once they promoted their people into power, QUALITY EDUCATION WAS ATTAINED:**************************NOPE

3) In their clarity of purpose, they saw that THE CHANNEL THROUGH WHICH UNDER-DEVELOPED BLACK PEOPLE AFFIX THEIR HOPE FOR DEVELOPMENT (Politics) and that VOTING is little more than a CURRENCY of the exchange of this HOPE. As their friends at the National Urban League documented that BLACK VOTER PARTICIPATION exceeded that of the PERFECT 1.0 WHITE PEOPLE, the NAACP claimed victory and instead of tapping into the EFFECTIVE BUT MARGINAL claims of REPUBLIC VOTER SUPPRESSION OF BLACK PEOPLE - they chose to look at the CONDITION OF BLACK PEOPLE IN THE "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED ZONES" where their are no REPUBLICANS - and defined the NEXT GENERATION OF PRIORITIES FOR THE NAACP and other ACTIVISTS............................"COMPETENCY IN GOVERNANCE" and not just "FUSING THE BLACK STRUGGLE TO THE PROGERSSIVE TEAM" through the Democrats**************************NOPE

So Dale Asberry, while your own Progressive bonafides might illuminate pride in the works of the NAACP - as a progressive political cattle herders, it is quite difficult for any individual interested in Black people building up INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY, away from political opportunism in America, would adopt your view of the NAACP.

Constructive_Feedback said...


Why is this lawsuit a disqualifier in your view?

MENTALLY, she says she relates to the world as a BLACK FEMALE.

Just like the story of a long time civil rights attorney in New York City who was in the trenches fighting for BLACK CIVIL RIGHTS as a WHITE MALE JEW, yet when he took a job as a BLACK STUDIES TEACHER at Harvard - THE BLACK STUDENT UNION protested for his removal because THEY BELIEVED THAT ONLY A FELLOW BLACK could tell the story of the STRUGGLE that he as a civil rights lawyer for the NAACP LDF helped write in the history books.

Thus the perception of suffering from RACIAL DISQUALIFICATION at the hands of Blacks with numerical power and thus taking legal action to apply the "EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER" rights that the Negro himself has been fighting for - is indeed in line with
Martin Luther King Jr's vision of "content of character"

Constructive_Feedback said...

Maat or Ma'at was the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice. Maat was also personified as a goddess regulating the stars, seasons, and the actions of both mortals and the deities, who set the order of the universe from chaos at the moment of creation. Her ideological counterpart was Isfet.

It might just be indigestion on your part.
When given the choice YOU and Dr Ron Daniels would rather talk about WHITE RACISM in the context of AMERICA, than you care to "trouble yourselves" with a global, holistic view of the Black diaspora and the PATTERNS that exist which burden the people.

Right this second on "Africa Live" - I see Kenyans holding cloths over their noses to block the smell of rotting bodies from "Al Shabab" fighters who were killed by the government. They just found THE FIRST WHITE MALE FIGHTER for Al Shabab.

Until proven otherwise, I include you in with my group of friends and debate partners who can't accept that FELLOW BLACK PEOPLE can initiate OPPRESSION OF BLACK PEOPLE, equal to the WHITE MAN.

Instead Black on Black oppression is a function of PAST and CURRENT WHITE SUPREMACY, that produced the misalignment that is producing this hole in the universe.

WHEN YOU WORK TO APPLY THE MAAT TO THE NEGRO ON THE STREET IN AMERICA as he interacts with his own and you successfully implement a CONFLICT RESOLUTION strategy - I TOO will align with "Maat" and we can exchange text messages using the Medu Neter script.

Until that time - YOU are merely performing "Rapid Hand Movements" with artifacts of dead Africans from a long time ago.

CNu said...

Bro. Makheru, that big husky homely cross-dresser that was on MHP on sunday http://subrealism.blogspot.com/2015/06/couple-of-husky-rascals-pretending-to.html said what amounts to "everybody else needs to shut up and listen if they want to be an ally" - to which I respond - the energy I would squander biting my tongue listening to your pathetic degenerate nonsense, could be better channeled into putting my back into a shovel and digging a shallow grave for a clown whose antics render him hopeless and useless in this game of musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

If you are emotionally and developmentally incapable of recognizing and acknowledging the value of Sistah Dolezal's work, identity, and agency - then perhaps you would make a better "ally" for these men dressing up and pretending to be rich white women, angry negresses with heads full of $500 Billion worth of asian hair, or buybull buddy child-molesters who want to sell you on a 6000 year old earth and pie-in-the-sky-by-and-by with Jeebus.