Friday, October 03, 2014

was there bioweapons chicanery afoot in new orleans?

myneworleans |  An early and discarded theory on the origin of AIDS was that that the virus mutated out of nowhere. Another theory centered on the creation of the virus by scientists working in a germ warfare lab. Others attributed its origin to contaminated monkey tissues used in making substandard batches of polio vaccine sent to Africa in the 1950s

In Dr. Mary’s Monkey, author Edward T. Haslam opines that AIDS originated from a botched experiment in a secret underground laboratory in New Orleans during the 1960s. A Tulane professor and Ochsner orthopedist experimenting with mutated monkey viruses was brutally murdered as part of the cover-up. A rouge CIA operative, later under the spotlight of Jim Garrison’s assassination probe, spirited the virus off to Haiti for a clandestine release that resulted in today’s AIDS pandemic.

The polio immunization theory fell by the wayside a couple of years ago. Scientists found old batches of the implicated vaccine in a laboratory freezer. It tested negative for DNA to all known monkey viruses and strains of HIV.

The origin of AIDS is now widely accepted by scientists. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) jumped from primates to humans. Many diseases jump from animals to people. West Nile, influenza and hepatitis B are common examples of viral diseases that originated in other species.

Recent work by virologists, evolutionary biologists and molecular geneticists genetically traced the HIV virus infecting humans to wild chimpanzees living in a Cameroon jungle. There may be no cure or vaccine to protect against AIDS but the mystery of its origins has been solved.


BigDonOne said...

A real threat is the *human* bioweapon -- ___the Suicide Ebola-fier___ Fuzzies intentionally infecting themselves, then going on a rampage to spread it as much as possible before croaking --->

CNu said...

So, I considered a head pat for clear thinking, this in contrast to the folk back channel offering up all kinds of inanity about complex "weaponization" of virii and microbes via organismic and mechanical packaging, staging, etc...., That shit is just flatly softheaded. The only weaponization required has already been demonstrated in Dallas.

Laser-focus. As it's presently configured, and as has been demonstrated
in Dallas, the system is incapable of coordinated response. It is as
porous as Swiss cheese and as predictable as a herd of cats.

Every infected west African with two nickels to rub together and a passport WILL transit to G-8 metropolises in search of medical care. In the right weather, in the right public transit system/depot - coughing and sneezing and aerosolizing Ebola will be the only required WMD.

Everything else is stupid conversation.

BigDonOne said...

It's becoming more apparent that, at some point, folks are gonna realize shudda done Plan-R while had the chance......