Thursday, August 20, 2015

watch as rachel discrimination blows blm into itty bitty pieces...,

dailymail |  'He’s no Rachel Dolezal': Shaun King's wife defends her husband over claims he lied about his race as family member CONFIRMS both his parents are white
  •     Rai King, the wife of Shaun King, is defending her husband over claims that he is white
  •     She said he husband is 'no Rachel Dolezal' and that the story behind his race is 'beautifully difficult'
  •     Rai also said despite her pleas to get him to share his story, Shaun will not comment out of respect to his family
  •     On Wednesday night, a family member said in an interview that both of King's parents are white
  •     That family member also claimed that the vicious attack King suffered in high school was not in fact a hate crime, which eyewitnesses dispute
  •     Rai and Shaun have five children, and have taken in other children in the past Fist tap Rohan