Saturday, August 08, 2015

race-baiting 101

There is a deep commonality between the vilification of police and teachers.  Interestingly, police and teachers have two things in common. First, they are largely from the same social class, the lower-middle or working class. Second, in overwhelming majority, they are drawn from the population of working class whites. 

Ever since the sixties, these heavily unionized and politically active working class whites have been tasked with keeping the largely Black and Hispanic underclass under control. This is an impossible task for them. They lack the personal, professional, cultural, and psychic resources to accomplish this task. 

At the very least, they're drawing a paycheck for trying and failing, and to that extent, they have been spared the indignities of membership in the underclass themselves. 
All kinds of "solutions" for the "problems" of the police and teachers have been and are being proposed. None of these solutions will work.

I am calling attention to the socio-economic and racial demographic fact that the composition of the public school teacher and urban overseer cadres are the same, and that these represent a continuation of an American Original divide and conquer strategy of intentional race-baiting.