Friday, November 26, 2010

the tipping point has arrived

ZeroHedge | I believe we have finally breached the tipping point in the socio-political landscape of the United States of America. There will be no going back from here. Everyone on all levels of society including the elites must make a choice. Will you stand for real reform and an end of the feudalistic rule of the oligarchs and their paid-off puppets that line the streets of Washington D.C., or will you keep your mouth shut and play the old and dying game in the context of a completely different cultural environment?

While many will disagree with what I am about to say, I believe the oligarchs and the Federal Reserve have already lost.

This will not be clear to the vast majority at this time because the powerful institutions that dominate and rob us will continue to fight for survival but the wind is already blowing in a different direction and cannot be reversed. The smart elites are starting to see this and are hedging their bets. The dumb or stubborn ones may want to start looking at countries with non-extradition treaties or start blowing the whistle on someone above them and fast. The window of opportunity to make the choice is closely quickly. “I was just following orders” will not cut it when the dollar collapses and Disneyland shuts down. There have not been any major arrests and people have seemingly gotten away with all their frauds and crimes. This too will change and 2011 will represent a change in trend in this regard. We have entered the terminal phase of this ponzi scheme economy and those responsible for its creation and its continued support at the expense of the vast majority of the populace will see their foul deeds rise to the surface.

Earlier this year I wrote two piece that I think are worth re-reading and I have attached links to them. The first was “A Time to Speak Out” and the second was the “The Elites Have Lost the Right to Rule”. When I wrote these articles many of the themes addressed were completely out of the mainstream, yet in an amazingly brief period of time many of the frustrations I voiced are now popping up everywhere I look. It’s strange and rewarding to see the topics I and countless others have been discussing on the “fringe” break into the light of day. Now that these concepts are out there is no stopping the avalanche that is about to hit the oligarchs smack in the face. As Gandhi said “An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.”

This brings me to discuss what I think is one of the most important letters from an elite I have seen in 2010. I am referring to Bill Gross’ most recent piece. Now when I say he is an “elite” I am not saying he is part of some vast conspiracy to turn us further into serfs. What I mean is he is one of the most fabulously wealthy people in America. He also happens to have made his fortune in the financial services industry and runs the country’s largest bond fund. This is a person that has every reason and incentive to play nice with the other elites and their corrupt institutions at the top of which lies the Federal Reserve banking cartel. What he did in his latest letter was far from “playing ball.” Here are some of the notable quotes and the entire letter can be found here.